Having sex in cars

Everyone is talking about Singapore film direction Jack Neo's affair with 22-year-old model Wendy Chong. She admitted to having sex with him in the car - it's on the front page of today's The New Paper. I'm not going to pass any judgment on that. I wrote about extramarital affairs in these previous posts:
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Instead, I'm going to talk about having sex in cars.

Why do people have sex in cars?
1. It's free. Don't have to pay for a room in a hotel or lovehotel.
2. On-demand convenience. Sometimes hotels, even the lovehotels are fully booked so the car and the wild are your only options.
3. They live with their parents so they can't have sex at home. [Want more sex? Buy a car.]
4. You don't leave a paper trail. If you use a hotel, you will need to provide an identification to register for a room.
5. Some women, don't like the idea of going to a hotel. It makes them feel like prostitutes.
6. Exhibition and the thrill of getting caught.
7. Fetish and fantasies. Some people just love the idea of having sex in cars. Wouldn't it be nice to have sex in a limo on route to a party?
8. The smell of leather turns them on.

1. Choose a safe spot. A man had his penis bitten off by his partner who was giving him a blowjob when a lorry hit the car. Whooops. Love bites!
2. Lock the doors.
3. Use curtains, newspapers or large pieces of cloth to cover the windows if you don't want anyone peeping at you.
4. Make sure you have tissue paper or a plastic bag in the car to clean up and wrap your used condoms. [Proper disposal of condoms]
5. Disallow air from outside to circulate in the car by switching the air circulation mode to avoid carbon monoxide poisoning.

1. It's rather cramped having sex in the car. You need to be creative to think of appropriate positions and maneuvers. It pays to be flexible and slim.
2. Noise factor. Cars are not sound proof. You might need t keep the noise down to an acceptable level.
3. Human fluids. If the woman is a squirter, you might have fluids all over the seats.
4. Hair. You may not want to leave hair in the car for various reasons.
5. Scent. The scent may be rather strong. If you have been in the car, you won't be able to smell it but someone who gets into your car after the act may be able to smell it.


Night Ranger said...

Tried it a few times. Thrilling, but not easy to get a good position!

Anonymous said...

You forgot one more challenge!!

The SHAKING car!! Everyone who walks past might realize that the car is shaking very vigorously. =P

De Maitre

Anonymous said...

Its no fun having sex in the car. A nice hotel room is a better choice and lasting impression. In Jack's case, he is a public figure and can be spotted. Hiding in a car may be wise. But she chose to spill the beans. What a bitch! Is it about money?

Yu-Kym said...

De Maitre, I've always wondered how badly the car shaked. I have not had the "fortune" of seeing one.

Kfr, I don't know what her reasons are but I think she doesn't have much to gain from going public.

David said...


I know Singapore is small place. There must be few places one can park a car and indulge in intimate adult behavior.

The most likely reason for the lack of discreet behavior, (getting a room), had to be the hottness of the moment.Or in more common lanugauge they were both very HORNY!

BATW, were either of these people cheating on a spouse! One more question needing follow up. Aside from public embarrassment, will their be any legal consequences?


Yu-Kym said...

David, there are popular spots around where people park for this purpose. There are also lesser-known places that people would rather not share.
Jack Neo's wife is saying that she's not divorcing him. His mistress and other girls so far have not said that they will sue him for sexual harrassment. So I guess he will not have to answer for anything in court.

David said...


Tiger Woods would be envious, his wife is getting tens of millions of dollars as a result of his numerous affairs.


Yu-Kym said...

I won't be surprised if Jack Neo gave his wife an "out of court settlement" so that she won't divorce him.

Anonymous said...

car sex is fun. must be careful make sure the head don't hit the roof.

Anonymous said...

i tried once. just have little space to move but really feel excited. Wont get naked in process because scared ppl see. Just open the part where bf can put in. Most of the time, i will do oral for bf in car. I do hope can try again next time.

Anonymous said...

Last time we tried it, we thought the condensation on the glass windows from the car's air conditioning was enough to shield us from any peeping-toms.
We were only necking away at a secluded spot in Pierce reservoir.
A guy came running towards our car and he had a torch! He even wiped the condensation away to shine the torch.
It was pretty cramped at the front seats and I was moving around. This must have caused the suspension to rock a bit and he thought "Aha, this is it!" and came running.
Too bad, we were fully clothed and he ran off before I could get back into the driver's seat. The engine was running and he he had not run off, I would have run him down!
Another occasion, same venue; a park ranger actually knocked on the windows while we were necking away. After that we concluded Jurong Hill was much preferable if you dont want any interruptions.
Like David said, we were young and horny then!
Regards, Leo.

Rock Hard said...

Wanna have sex in the car?
Try this..


everything you need to know and master.

Yu-Kym said...

Quite funny if head hits the roof!

Leo, if there are exhibitionists there will be voyeurs and peeping toms :P It's like a food chain.

Rock Hard, the part about condoms is not applicable here. Should not store condoms in car. http://yu-kym.blogspot.com/2009/09/incorrect-usage-of-condoms.html