Exercise, not love, changes everything

I feel excited and happy whenever someone tells me that he has started exercising after a long period of physical inactivity.

My friend whom I wrote about here told me that he has started running to manage stress.
My friend who has been working two jobs to support his family has started swimming to keep his energy level up.
My mother has taken up pilates to improve her health.

Whenever someone tells me that he is feeling stressed, depressed or tired, the first question that I ask them is, "Do you exercise?"

100% of the time, the answer is "No".

I would always suggest exercising as the first thing to do to make a positive difference to their lives. I don't nag people into it. I take it as my personal responsibility to give useful and correct advice but my responsibility stops there. Once the thought is planted into their minds, they will (or will never) find the motivation to do it at their own time. Their health is their responsibility, not mine.

Key benefits of exercising:
- Helps you handle and reduce stress
- Gives you more energy
- Improves your quality of sleep
- Reduces insomnia
- Enhances your sex life
- You feel more confident
- Keeps you looking young and healthy

If you compare people who exercise with people who don't, you will see a marked difference in their appearance and attitude towards life. Many people who feel depressed would say that they need love in the life to make they feel "complete" or whatever. But what they need is not love; It's exercise!

And remember how we used to enjoy sports and games with our schoolmates?
"I wish I can go back to those days when life was carefree," my ex-schoolmates say.
I say: You can bring those days back into your life right now! It's all in your body and your mind!

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Rock Hard said...

9 out of 10 people whom I know and observed are group under the catorgory,"Extreme Lazy Bastard". How many people you see on the street got good posture, brilliant complexion, proportionate figure, full of energy, looks very much alive and ready to take on the world..?
All you see are slouch, pale face half dead and dragging their feet while walking and a out of shape physic everywhere.
Aww..blame it on work, family commitment, time constraint, blah blah blah..but never on their very own laziness.
On the brighter side of things, it's because of them, that I look outstanding in the crowd.

Anonymous said...

Yes exercise is one of the most important avenues to combat adverse situations.

But the trouble is this requires a certain strength in mental state and clarity.

Having the strength to overcome adversity through exercise, through another avenue of distraction like work, studies, hobbies, doing charity work, religion, a new love, etc requires a certain degree of mental focus.

Some do not possess this crucial attribute. So they fall and many a time fall real hard.

God does not help the weak.

silli cat