Don't touch me!

I prefer to maintain a certain physical distance from people and avoiding any form of physical contact with them. Apart from molesting, people seem to be able to find all sorts of reasons to touch one another. [I was molested at Zouk]

I dislike people touching me for no reason. I walked pass a lady who suddenly reached out to grab my arm. I know she was just an old lady trying to make a few dollars selling pens and tissue paper but I really dislike being touched by a stranger.

Shaking Hands
I viewed an apartment with my sister. After shaking the agent's sweaty hand, I went straight to the kitchen to wash my hands. I didn't care how he felt. I just wanted his sweat off my hands asap.

I hate shaking hands. You don't know where that hand has been. Many guys don't wash their hands after going to the toilet! I wish gloves were in fashion so that I won't look strange wearing them to functions, e.g. weddings, where I have to shake everybody's hands.

It's not common culture here to greet one another with a hug. While I think it is still acceptable to hug a female, I think it's is highly inappropriate for men to hug women. Even my mum thinks it isn't appropriate for men to hug young girls in church or at church functions.

This is the only form of physical touch by a stranger that I enjoy and I would pay for.

I know that the physical touch can be therapeutic. I find it therapeutic only if I'm touched by my partner. By anybody else, it's just traumatic.


charles lim said...

Nice blog and I can really relate to this post. My wife just hates being in physical contact with strangers especially in crowded places

Anonymous said...

Washed ur hands after a handshake sounds a little bit too extreme, even if so just do it secretly but immediately a bit offending i believe. Not true that most men don't wash their hands, i believe some ladies does as well right?

Anonymous said...

Agree. Touching, shoulders, arms, back, waist, bottom can be annoying and offensive to me. It is disrespecful. Sometimes i tell people, dont touch me, thats rude. Handshakes unnecessary. Just exchange of nice greetings is good enough. But socialising in clubs or parties, cheek or air kiss jesture is nice for the girls. And for the men too, if you are close. middle eastern men do that a lot. For you, a hot oil massage is free and satisfaction guarenteed.

Yu-Kym said...

Charles, thanks! Singapore is so congested. Actually in Bangkok it's congested too but people seldom touch and push one another.

Anon, if the agent didn't bother to wash his hands before shaking prospective clients' hands, then I am not going to give him "face". Anyway, one look at the place and I knew my sister wasn't going to buy it.

Kfr, I also feel like telling some people not to touch me. When I'm wearing sleeves clothes, I hate shoulder-rubbing.

Rock Hard said...

That will depend on who is the person doing the touching.
But, it seems like in Singapore, it's alright for the female to touch and pat a male on the back or arms are acceptable. And When a male do the same, that's consider offensive.

Yu-Kym said...

Rock Hard, because many men don't wash hands after visiting the toilet.