Do people have more sex when they travel?

My mother never liked the idea of me going overseas with a boyfriend. She usually sends me off with, "Don't do any nonsense." She gets the impression that people go on overseas vacations to have sex. Well, she's not wrong but people can also have sex while in Singapore!

1. Do you travel with your partner with the intention of having sex?
2. Do you really have more sex on during your trips?

I suppose if you're not sharing your room with friends or children and you're not planning on saving your virginity - if you still have it - most people would at least fantasize about having at least some sex, if not lots of sex.

But as with many things in life, not everything happens the way you imagined. Trips are usually packed with activities of shopping, eating, sight-seeing, etc. By the end of the day, you may be too tired to have sex.

Looking back at the trips I had with partners, I hardly had any sex. Imagine: after hiking up and down 10km on the Jinshangling to Simatai section of the Great Wall of China or hiking 1473m up Mount Kinabalu, which normal person would have the energy to have sex?

Of course, it's completely my fault for wanting to fill the days with activities. So if I want to have sex during the trip, I would have to:
- select a place that I've been to before and therefore won't be doing any sightseeing, or
- select a place where there's nothing interesting to look at except for my partner.
Oh, but wait... then exactly why would I need to go overseas?


Anonymous said...

provided they still have the energy left to do it after all the travelling and sight seeing hahaha

Yy said...

Hahaha...really interesting...

Anonymous said...

it depends on who is the traveling partner. Some partner(s) u tend to travel to enjoy a fair bit of sex while others don't. For adventure tour normally less sexual activities unless u wanna do in the wild!!!

Jeryc said...

If you can get any out of it, I am surely you are a true champion of Champions... Hahha

Anonymous said...

Well for me travelling with my partner is usually connected with more sex. We don't go travelling to have more sex but it just happens naturally.
Maybe because of the atmosphere and the fact of being anonymous in a different country...

Anonymous_CB said...

I would say it depends on the partner traveling with you.

Like mentioned, some are those who do not engage in sex during trips, as night time is for sleeping after spending so much energy.

Let's say I take e.g. Jenting (as Singaporeans STILL pronounce it), partner A may like to sleep through the night, while partner B purpose is to engage in night-activity in the cool weather.

Anonymous said...

You are absolutely right. You do not need to be overseas to have sex. You can do it anywhere- SG or overseas.

But then depends on what kind of trip that is. If you are in Paris, I am sure you have the desire to do it even after a long day!

Anonymous said...

For me, my travel itinenary is always dependent on the girl I am with on holidays. Some girls like to go site-seeing and walk for miles and hours on end from ancient ruins to local market places. I like that too.

Some girls love the cool of the nite, so late afternoon and roving the nite life and eateries and trying out all kinds (mostly lah..not all) of local foods and shopping are all must dos. I am ok with that too except when it comes to too much window shopping and browsing, I have less inclination but i will still tag along with a time limit lol. But overall I like this kind of girl too.

Some girls just dont like moving around too much and prefer a balance skewed towards lazing around on the beach or by the pool, playing some light water sports, frolicking in the water, etc. I like these girls too especially the frolicking. hehe

Other girls prefer trekking up hill sides and through forests or wandering around the rural countryside and watching nature. If these are not too extreme like mountain climbing and bashing through thick jungles, I am ok with these too. I have passed the stage of torturing myself.

Some prefer adventure sports like scuba diving, bungee jumping, sky diving, speed boats, water skiiing, jet skiing. I love these very much. Or even going to the resort or hotel gym, doing some exercise jogs or runs. So its a go go go for me too. looks like I am practically ok with anything and everything huhhh? are wrong. I am not ok with everything.

I am not ok with not having sex regularly everyday on holidays. hehe. Girls who dont like sex, I dont go holidays with. lol

silli cat