Do bras cause breast cancer?

I'm sure you must have received emails stating this.

Wearing a bra out of the house is a form of protection from knocks and brushes. With a bra on, I feel less violated if someone "accidental" brushes pass me. This is one form of body contact which I wrote about in my previous post, Don't touch me!. When I exercise I always wear bras to prevent potential sagging. [Which type of bra to wear for exercising]
However, it's common for women to go braless at home. I do that too unless I'm exercising at home. [Do you feel comfortable naked?]

A husband-and-wife "research" team wrote a book claiming that wearing bras causes cancer.

Here are excepts of reviews from 2 of their readers:
"Neither of the authors, Sydney Ross Singer and Soma Grismaijer, are trained as medical doctors, medical research doctors, statisticians, or epidemiologists. Their background does not, in and of itself, make them sloppy or poor researchers, but it does diminish their authority to speak on the subject of causation of breast cancer."

"I wondered several things as I read: is there reason to investigate whether women who wear bras 24 hours a day have other physiological problems? Fibro-myalgia? Cramping, tenderness in the breast? That is, should we be investigating the reason women are wearing bras 24 hours a day? Do they have psychological reasons to wear them - such as a family history of breast cancer? I suspect a huge percentage of women who wear wedding rings also have breast cancer. As a survivor, I worry about women who may take off their bras and think they've protected themselves from breast cancer. If clothing can cause a genetic event (development of a cancerous cell) why don't we get bladder cancer from Lycra panties. Hmmm?"

True or false, I shall leave it to you to decide for yourself. My sister thinks the authors simply like women with saggy and exposed breasts.


David said...


The study done by Sydney Ross Singer and Soma Grismaije is 10 years old. It has been discredited by legitimate health care professionals.

A synopsis of real studies of the causes of breast cancer point to obesity being a greater risk factor for increasing the likelihood of a women having breast cancer.

"The authors offer the hypothesis that women who do not wear bras are thinner and likely to have smaller breasts. The same study found that among postmenopausal women only bra users with larger breasts had an increased risk of breast cancer (P about 0.026). The study suggests bra cup size is a proxy for greater weight and obesity which are known risk factors for breast cancer, and that the apparent risk associated with bra use is more likely a reflection of known risk factors for breast cancer, such as obesity."

In other words the authors are quacks at best and are guilty in frightening any women who takes their study seriously.


boh.tak.chek. said...

that bra cancer rumor is probably invented by some anti-bra industry to snuff out the competition....better a pair of contained and firm boobs then saggy, flippin" ones.

Anonymous said...

i'm wearing a bra from easecox which it claims can reduce the risk of breast cancer...i cannot vouch it claims but i do feel a funny sensation on my left breast as i underwent a surgery to remove a benign lump 10 yrs ago...the funny sensation i believe was due to better blood flow on my left breast as the bra is specially made with turmaline crystal that proves to improve blood circulation....after a few days of wearing the bra, the funny sensation has gone...i guess my bra may really prevent breast cancer...

Anonymous said...

I read about this long time ago. Just because it's not scientifically proven, u can't write it off now. Example, before 1976, no one can prove that smoking will lead to lung cancer, now it's considered proven. Same goes for guys, if they keep on wearing very tight fitting pants, it actually lower down their sperm count until it lead to infertility in the long run as it creates a lot of heat under there.

What I read is that if your breast is not too big that you need support, it's alright not to wear it, just make sure your nipples don't poke out. Singapore is not France ok, where braless is pretty common.

The actual argument is actually if girls do wish to wear bra, they should only wear less than 12 hours a day. When they are outdoors. More than that, it's open to debate. And when they wear it, it should be the correct size, no push up, no underwire, no squeezing, etc to make sure that it don't constrict the blood flow.

Oh ya, I am a guy. hehehe and my soon to be wife don't wear bra after I asked her to. She wear camisole instead for protection. Anyway, she's not that big to need a bra to carry it around. I prefer it to be original and with bra, well she looks a lot nicer, :P, but I think her health is more important even it's not scientifically proven at the moment or might not be in the future.

The choice is yours but hey, better be safe than be sorry. Checkout online for more pros and cons and decide for yourself.

Rock Hard said...

A piece of garment with some wire can cause breast cancer?
Pure bull shit to me.
Tell you something, Breast cancer can be cause by having your steaming hot take away food contain in the disposable container. The high temperature like microwave oven heating up yout plastic container also can cause this poisonous chemical Dioxin to be slowly release into the food.
Plastic wrap over cooked food also can leak out the deadly Dioxin into the food itself.
Dioxin do not kill you instantly..
It takes many years to present you with some cancerous cell in your forsaken body.
Breast cancer for women. Prostate cancer for men.

Not some kind of piece of cloth to cover yout modesty will give you cancer.

Yu-Kym said...

David, things that are 10 years old are still going around by email!

boh.tak.chek., even A cup breasts can sag... seen pictures... not nice.

Anon (female with bra from easecox), better circulation means reduced likelihood of breast cancer?

Anon (male), camisole for protection from...? The cold? :P It is uncomfortable to wear a bra all day.

Rock Hard, somehow people tend to focus on the wrong things :(