Can I inspire you on Twitter?

I'm doing a little experiment. I am going to tweet about what I eat daily and what I do for exercise.

I'm doing this because:

1. I am testing a theory.
I see some people on blogs and in Facebook who post pictures of what they eat. Does anyone really care? I'm curious therefore I'm setting out to find out for myself. I have started a twitter account and see how many followers I get to prove my theory that nobody really wants to know what somebody else eats every day. So if you're interested to know what I eat daily, please follow me on Twitter >>>
(I have included a feed to Twitter to post the titles and links of my new blog posts. You may find that useful.)

2. I want to dispel the myth that slim people don't eat and don't enjoy eating.
I love eating. I live to eat. I enjoy 90% of my meals (the 10% being new food I tried that aren't nice or when I don't get to choose, e.g. at group outings). I exercise so that I can eat. Usually before a big meal, e.g. if I know I'm going to a buffet the next day, I will exercise to earn the right to eat. Food makes me lazy so I prefer to exercise the day before eating rather than the day after.

I don't snack often but I do satisfy my cravings for certain snacks periodically. I consider cakes, curry puffs, spring rolls, ice cream, Twisties, Mars bars, etc to be snacks. Unlike models and athletes, my (future) livelihood does not depend on what I eat or don't eat. I believe in moderation. Enjoying food is part of what makes me happy in life. If I need to starve myself or avoid the food that I enjoy, I'm not going to be happy. I prefer to exercise more to earn the right to eat food than to deprive myself.

3. I want to help people who have a problem deciding what to eat.
I always know what I want to eat. By tweeting what I eat, perhaps I can give them some ideas.

4. I want to show that not everyone needs to eat 3 meals a day to function effectively.
I only have 2 meals a day: lunch and dinner. Many people think that skipping breakfast is bad. The only breakfast I have, if it's considered as breakfast, is a bottle of Yakult or Vitagen with tablets of dried barley leaves.

5. I hope to inspire people to exercise.
A little bit of exercise regularly goes a long way. Most people use the excuse of "no time" for not exercising. Most of my exercise sessions are 15 minutes or less. 15-minute sessions 3 times a week are more effective than 45-minute sessions once a week. Exercising more often will keep you feeling happy too :) [Exercise, not love, changes everything] Follow me and be inspired! (I am displaying Twitter feeds on my blog in case you don't use Twitter but am not showing the feeds in Facebook to avoid spamming).

I don't know where this is going. Maybe I'll do it till I get bored or my theory is proven. Perhaps the number of followers I get would justify continuance of this project. It's also possible that I might switch to or include "proper" tweets. I don't know the result. Therefore I need to experiment :)


Jeryc said...

Seriously... I think those who posted their food on the their FB or whatever portal is wasting the bandwidth... Over rated and yucks... Some of the food don't even look good. They should be hanged, shot and rehanged.

Yu-Kym said...

Jeryc, some people post only the places that they think have good food or is good value-for-money - this type might be helpful. But for the others... I always think to myself: who cares!!!
My gal friend told me yesterday that she's glad I'm posting what I eat. Some time ago she asked me for my food log and I thought it was lame.

David said...


I set up a Twitter page but found out I rarely keep it up.

I cannot talk about my work on Twitter, and who really cares what I have for lunch.

How many ways can one descibe a chicken sandwich or a cup of yogurt?

Then again why should I want everyone to know what I am doing every moment of the day? Truly if I took time to post every detail of my day it would be unbelievably boring.


Jeryc said...

Naww.. I dun trust in others taste other than mine. I tried once those recommended by food blogs and end up being dissappointed. I am not that particular with food anyway... Just as long as they are edible and clean..

Yu-Kym said...

David, I believe the way something is written makes a difference. If you write everything you do each day in a factual manner that might be boring but if you write it in a humourous way, perhaps people might love it!

Jeryc, neither do I. I think those food bloggers just Have to write something. Different people have different taste. My elder sister and I have the same taste in movies less the Leonard DiCaprio ones.

Jeryc said...

I guess he did not come out of character yet during his first debut,"Who's eating gilbert grape"

Yu-Kym said...

Jeryc, I didn't watch that. I don't find him handsome.

Jeryc said...

He played a retard in that movie...

Yu-Kym said...

Then I'll make sure my sister watches that if she hasn't!

Mmm you eat so little! When I workout I get really hungry, I eat alot more, yet still get no where fatter haha!

Anonymous said...

Ppl who twitter about what they do or eat every minute have a lot of time in their hands that they dont know what to do with it. Many do not care but there are some who are interested to know the minute details. So why begrudge them of this little voyeuristic "joy"?

Yu-Kym's my first and only blog I've participated. I do have the time but i oouldnt bother with others because i think its whole lot of ppl with lotsa time in their hands but nothing better to do then blogging. Again it's their time. Who cares?

So to me twittering and blogging are all a means to fill in one's own vacuum in one's life! It's a need, like religion.

curious cat

Yu-Kym said...

Fitness Fabulous, you have a higher metabolic rate than me so of course you'll have to eat more!

curious cat, the objective of writing what I eat and the exercises I do is for the benefit of people who are curious about my diet and exercise, and for me to track my exercise routine. There's a misconception that people must eat 3 meals a day to survive, one must exercise for very long durations per session to keep fit, eating food that is not cooked at home makes people fat, and that one cannot enjoy eating and remain slim at the same time.

Anonymous said...


That's precisely my point. You all have lotsa free time in your hands to both seriously twitt and blog to the extent you and your fellow counterparts have. You couldnt if otherwise.

But at least you use some of that free time to indulge in twitting and blogging that attempt to benefit some interested ppl. Of course some benefits are yours too.

But can you say that of the majority of twitters and bloggers? ....that they honestly twitt and blog for the same objectives as benefit ppl? If today their twits and blogs vanish, nobody is the lesser from it.

I say they have nothing better to do. It's wasting their productive time. It fills a certain emotional or mental void in their own insecure life. But if it keeps them out of harms' way....well that's reason enough not to take away twitting and blogging from them.

As for me, I have the free time to read your blogs. And so far it benefits me too in someways. Or else i wouldnt care and my time will be spent doing something else!

curious cat

Yu-Kym said...

People write blogs for different reasons. I can't speak for everyone. In another post I wrote about why I blog:

Anonymous said...

I will read that post Yu-Kym.

I notice that where applicable you do write about your personal life when you are introducing a subject for discussion or attempting to illustrate the topic better. How far are you willing to go in revealing your personal history in your bloggings?

curious cat