Working late for the last time

I had my last night-phone call with my boss today. He's US-based so we can only have calls at night or early morning my time. Sometimes the calls involve Europe so night time is the only feasible time for conference calls. I've been having such work arrangements for the past 3 years.

I wasn't unhappy to work late a year ago:

I soon got more tired:

And now I'm like this
(unglam and tired, with
minor blue-black on my leg from rock climbing.
By the way, this is how I really dress at home... when I am):

But don't worry, I'll have more cheerful pictures to post soon :)


David said...


I do not see anything un-glam about your at home work attire.

Maybe because it always warm in SG one can dress that way.

To say the least you look very nice.


Anonymous said...

I like your smile on the first pic.


Master said...

hot hot me a "hard" time...

Anonymous said...

Frankly, Post no.1 is relaxed and sweet; Post no.2 is sexy and Post no.3 you might be saying, I am glad its all over, I can devote my time to writing my book(s), to all my fans and to all my readers!
Wish u success. Kong xi ni YK.

Anonymous said...


may i ask - what do you do for work anyway?

Anonymous said...

Hi Yu Kym,
Congrats on being self-employed.
I've worked in many Singapore companies & yet to find one who is worthy of loyalty.
Most are ungrateful BASTARDS.
I suspect many Singaporean employers get shit from their employers, clients; so they return the favor on their employees.
BTW, many Singapore employers also cheat on their tax accounts. My wife used to work for a Singapore Co, who require staff to cook the books. Do it or else .....!
To get rid of her, they put a Financial Controller above her. They sacked her w/o paying her salary & notice; & insinuated dishonesty in the petty cash a/c.
We reported their tax evasion tactics to Income Tax Dept. The company was charged in court, pleaded guilty & fined 4X the tax evaded. The papers splashed one of the directors face for all his suppliers, clients, bankers to see.
Another director skipped town & the court issued a warrant for his arrest if he ever set foot on Singapore soil.
Her employers thought they can fuck with her. Good try!
As for the petty cash? $39 was not balanced -over a 3 year period! As she did not pocket a single cent, we told those bastards & their lawyers to go screw themselves.
Any accounts staff who reads this and is in a similar situation should gather photostats (not originals or it is considered as theft) of all the evidence and quietly inform Inland Revenue Authority. They will fix those cheats in no time!
And our Government wonder why our productivity is not up to par!

Yu-Kym said...

True that many Singaporean employers get shit from their clients or big bosses so they to the same to their employees. One ex-colleague said she sat in on a discussion with her boss. The way the big bosses treated him was exactly the way he treated us.
Your wife's ex-employers really deserved it! A job is a job. No point sacrificing her integrity and reputation for it. It's bad enough that they sacked her and even worse that they insinuated that she had been dishonest (with $39). Your wife did the right thing. Bravo!

Anonymous said...

My wife sacrificed her integrity for 4 years. Being too good at her craft, d MD heaped H/R, purchasing, transport, client meetings, office kettle kaput, whatever, on her.
She worked till the day our baby-girl was born. My wife's waterbag was leaking as I drove her from OFFICE to hospital.
For 4 years, d MD gave her measly increments. Girls are not blue-eyed boys.
On 4th year of protest, he told her - what can you get outside?
She showed him d offers. Then on, her duties were removed. He wanted her to resign. Other partner said no. She was his only source of d true Co. accounts! Nice partners!
Snr accountant engaged. Wonders why she comes in late. After some run-ins; termination served on her.
No pay, no notice. A note citing poor conduct & disrepancies - d petty cash a/c not balanced.
I drove over, supported her for the short walk to our car. She was shaking with anger & weeping. 4 years of working till midnight..
Everybody reading this - I hope you never have to endure the humiliation of being treated this way.
We saw our lawyers. Legal letters exchange, they challenged us to a lawsuit - for a 1 month salary & their allegations. Got cash to burn?
We went to Ministry of Manpower.
MOM says salary over $2500, legally cannot intervene. Oh?
So when our ex-PM, intervened in pay dispute between Pilots vs Singapore Airlines, was it illegal? Pilots salary less than $2500?
Who is your wife's ex-employer?, MOM staff asked.
Sometimes, one cannot be to gentle.
During mediation, d MD offered to pay her salary if she agrees that was all her claims. Please, shoot her!
The meeting were duly told; if salary was not paid, she escalates matter up to PM's office. Let PM know the sweet nature of SINGAPORE Employers. AND show how much help a tax payer can expect from our Statutory Bodies.
They paid up. No need to sign letter.
CAD, police branch for commercial crimes, was informed next. Then CPIB.
After many chats; one fine day, a certain MD had a visit from IRAS.
"Care to show us your accounts books?"
From that day on, many a gentleman in that Company shit bricks.
After court conviction, we met CAD about their turn to bring the MD to court.
Employers who compeled staff to evade Company tax, will be charged in court for a criminal offence. Skip town? the charge remains.
We even had a chat with d MD before he skipped town.
"This is how I settle my scores". The staff at Mandarin H. cafe were quite entertained-young chap giving respectable-looking old man, a very public dressing-down.
"How much discrepancy in petty cash?"
"If my wife has taken the $39, report to police. For tax evasion, have your lawyers advise you how long the jail term?".
"I dont know why this matter become like that. I dont know what differences Mr Eugene (snr accountant) have with your wife. What do you want?"
Did I heard a bribe?
"My wife agreed to be a Material witness for IRAS. The day you asked her to fudge your accounts, is the day I told her to keep 2 sets of accounts; one faked, one true. You must have hoped we're so hard-up she will pinch your petty cash? Every cent is supported by a recipent-signed voucher. You signed every receipt. If you can prove she has dishonestly retained $39, I would be most interested to meet the police."
How many people can say this to an employer?
The rest you know.
We will see how long Mr Chua S. H. lives as a fugitive in Hong Kong, China, or whichever country who took him in.
Moral of d above - fix any EMPLOYER who tries to fuck with you. Almost all cheat on their taxes.
If any gentleman thinks he can screw me or my kin; come in, this is right up my street.
Thanks - everyone for reading.

Regards, Leo

Yu-Kym said...

Thankfully there are employers who don't cheat on their taxes. I don't like working for employers who would cheat 3rd parties like their government, their clients and suppliers because they are most likely to cheat me too if given the chance.

Anonymous said...


You think there are employers who dont cheat on their taxes?

I think if IRAS scrutinise every Company's accounts books in detail, they will have to increase their staff strength by ten times. It took them more than 6 months to study and understand the faked tax entries - by a newbie!

They interviewed us more than 7 x before they could even understand the loopholes.
Accountants are amazingly creative.
One plus one is = what is the figure you want?

Some of the SINGAPORE Employers - I have yet to form a decent impression of any.

Regards, Leo

Yu-Kym said...

I think there are employers who don't cheat on taxes. Surely there are people who prefer to pay up instead of live in fear of getting caught, or they simply want to do the right thing.