What "talk" really means when it is said by a woman vs a man

When a woman says she wants to "talk", it usually means:
- she wants to talk about her hopes, dreams or problems, or
- you did something wrong and deserve a lecture.

However, when a man says "talk" it usually doesn't mean talking in the literal sense.

Example 1
A male friend called me from his hotel room in the middle of the night (we had separate rooms). He said he couldn't sleep and asked me whether I can talk to him on the phone for a while. Being already awakened by the phone call, I agreed to entertain him on the phone. Then later he asked whether he could come over to "talk". I allowed him to come over to my room to "talk" and not surprisingly he didn't come over just to "talk cock" but he wanted me to talk about his cock and to this cock!

Example 2
A male friend with whom I was travelling knocked on my room door at night. I opened the door. He asked whether he could come in. "For what?" I asked. "Oh I'm bored. I just to talk," he replied. He didn't look like he was in any state of depression or distress so I told him that I was tired and I wanted to sleep. Actually, there was a very interesting program on TV about survival in the wilderness :P I didn't think it would be appropriate for both of us to lie on the queen-sized bed to watch TV together. I didn't want to end up in a "talk cock" situation either.

Then there are guys who would ask to talk with me on the phone when what they really want is to masturbate to the sound of my voice. Whatever it is, when a guy says he wants to "talk" approach with caution!


David said...


Strange situations to say the least.

The male wanting to talk about his cock sounds like someone wanting to talk you into some explicit behaviour.

From this post, the secret video guy and some interesting phone calls you have related to us I am going to make a leap in assuming that your appearance in person is even more appealing than your photos.

Then again these two might have just hoping and wishing you would offer to be very friendly with them for the evening.

You lead an interesting life!


Jeremy said...

Sorry Yu Kym, may sound a little disoriented during the last email to you, cos long holiday makes a person lazy.

I am picking up, happy lunar new year

Yours truly,

Anonymous said...

When a woman wants to talk, usually she starts a quarrel. Then she demands sex.
But when a man wants to talk, usually he wants to be comforted. Then he also wants sex.
Satisfactory ending good communication.

Anonymous said...

Yu Kym,
The pic you added to your title block is nice. Attractive, appealing and sexy. I think the pic needs crobing. Cut horizonally just below chin, ie remove fore arm, trim shoulder right, trim to hair, removing bright light on the left. Virtualy, only face remains.....then we can talk........you can also show me your 4 by 2 fingers...

Anonymous said...

you seem to attract certain type of guys...I don't know of any one using "talk" as a code for sex...
maybe eventually getting into the girl's pants... but not straight up...
maybe you are giving a certain vibe...