Sex is a form of recreation and entertainment

Put a couple in room for long enough and they would end up having sex. Perhaps they would start off by talking but after a while when they run out of things to say or get too tired or bored talking, the man looks at the woman, the woman looks at the man and then they start kissing and etc, etc.

Many Singaporeans complain that there isn't much to do in Singapore [see Dinner + Movie date]. Naturally, sex is a form of recreation and entertainment. It is more interesting than watching a movie or having dinner (in most cases), and if they are any good at all, it can last longer than a movie, and it can cost less too. Two movie tickets would cost $20 but condoms cost less than $5 for a box of 3. If you use only one condom, that's about $1.50.

Singaporeans are not the only people in the world who practice recreational sex. The birth rates in 3rd world and developing countries are higher than those in first world countries. Why? Perhaps they do not practice "family planning" or use birth control. But I think it's more because sex is one of the few forms of entertainment. If some of the people don't have electricity or TV, when the sun sets, what else can they do to entertain themselves in the dark but have sex?

The folks living in retirement and nursing homes are having sex too. With the help of Viagra*, nothing is impossible. There can't be that many things to do in retirement and nursing homes that could be more interesting than sex!

Evidently, having sex is a great way to pass time and entertain yourself. And woah time flies when you're having fun!

* do consult your doctor.


Anonymous said...

haha...i like this article

didn't u heard of the joke saying that those people living in rural county; whenever the rain passess the house, they are making love due to no entertainment?

hm...but although i agree with it, sometimes i was thinking whether is this the correct wat to describe sex? sex=making love or sex=fun? confusing...this is how the bad side of human lures us into different perception...


Ya, you are so right about this...

Yu-Kym said...

Pat, I've not heard that joke before. I'm sure it has some truth to it!

Anonymous said...

This sounds erotic and mind you, many women have become addited to sex and found that it is also a lucrative source of income, business or bonus as well. I know that many women are travelling around the world doing that in clubs and doing well. And when they felt that its time to settle down, they hook one tie them down after all the fun and enjoyment they have had over the years. They are the clever, pretty ones.........guys beware.

Yu-Kym said...

Kfr, I got to say they are smart to use sex as a source of income since they like sex and they are going to have sex anyway.

Richard said...


So, why don't you tell me what is better than sex? Uuuum...Drugs may be close but they are almost always not legal and the cost $$.

But, sex is not good with just any person.

You should not be giving anyone advice you are an idiot.

Anonymous said...


If you are saying that Yu-Kym is an idiot and not qualified to write about sex, I think that couldnt be further from the truth. If you had read her book and her blogs on sex, you will appreciate the extent of her research and her wealth of knowledge on this topic.

I thought I knew practically everything about sex, I was wrong. Her book tells me things that I never knew.

Why dont you read her book and blogs first and tell me if you have a change of mind about her?

silli cat