Self-defence for women

In school, physical education lessons commonly consist of athletics, gymnastics, ball games and sometimes dancing. I wonder why students are not taught self-defence instead. Perhaps the teachers are afraid that the student might use the moves on them!

Although games and dancing may be fun, once we graduate from school most of us wouldn't have any use for them anymore. I think it would be a better use of time to teach self-defence during physical education lessons especially for girls. Men learn self-defence while in national service but the women don't learn any.

Women are usually the victims of cruel crimes. During an attack, screaming, hair pulling and struggling are ineffective. Besides, when people are shocked, they might not even be able to scream or react. Even if a woman has a man to escort her, what if the man get attacked? What should the woman do? And if the men of Singapore go off to war, are the women here left only with pots and pans and slippers to defend themselves? It's a scary thought. We all have heard about the terrible war crimes against women.

I don't think the government is going to do anything about this in the near future. We have to take personal responsibility to keep ourselves safe. I hope parents would enroll their daughters in self-defence or martial arts classes instead of ballet, if they had to choose one.


David said...


Great post that every women should read.
Now that you are a working independently I trust you will take a self defense course and take measures to ensure your personal safety. You are only business resource, and as such you need take best care of your companies greatest resource.

That is you.

Still waiting anxiously for your first business plan to be revealed.


Yu-Kym said...

I won't be posting my business plan at least till I'm done writing...

lehlew pengyiu said...

Many parents kiasi that their daughters will become a tomboy and couldn't "attract" men.. sigh.
I used to teach self-defense but in this part of the world, most women don't take it seriously, only a handful do.
I made my female students trained with men but most of them can't take it. They wanted to have female training partners. Since I was not mainly for the money, I didn't mind if they drop off my class.
However, many instructors out there have to take of of their pockets and have families to feed...

fong said...

hi kim....i can teach you...:)
how are you...:)

Anonymous said...

hi kim...if you are interested..i can teach you some move...:)

Hida said...

My club is offering women self-denfence courses and these are some of the feedbacks I've heard from my instructors:

1) Women come to trainings in jeans and short skirts
2) Expect to master some skills within 3-4 lessons (of 2hrs each) and disappear for good, thinking they are already a pro
3) Mother and daughter pair but the mother refuses to choke her daughter while learning a certain skill, reasoning give: I just cannot bear to choke my own daughter!

Most women in Sg knows nothing about self-defence and have no idea what dangers they could possibly face out there. I totally agree with you that schools should incorporate this into the PE lessons. It's always a useful skill to us women no matter where we are, no matter when it is.


Yu-Kym said...

lehlew pengyiu,
I don't know why some parents have that sort of thinking. So silly! My parents are not highly educated but at least they never thought that way.
So you don't teach anymore? I find it strange that they don't want to train with men esp when it's the men that they need to defend themselves against. In general, I prefer to train with guys. I don't mind training with gals if they are really good. No point training with someone who is worse than me :P

Hida, point #1, they think they are Chun Li (from street fighter)?
#3 then the mother let someone else choke her daughter?

fong and anon, do I know you in person?

Kimie said...

agreed with Yu-Kym..women should take self-defense lesson.. too many crime involving womens nowadays... at least it will also make them healthy with nice figure

Jeryc said...

Well, all SG men goes to war, MY men are always there... No worries! Majulah Singapura :D

Yu-Kym said...

Kimie, ya, and I think modern men will turned on by a Chun Li.
Jeryc, that's why Singaporeans need to have more children. How to do it? Have more sex!

Anonymous said...

Hi All

Bone is not stronger than wood; & wood is not stronger than metal.

A lady carries an arsenal of weapons. Use an old umbrella & practise whipping off the section of metal rod attached to the handle. Want to mess with that?

Metal chain belts or crystal studded ones are lethal - learn how to swing them.

Even a writing pen is a potent weapon.

All ladies; please attend self-defence classes. They build up your confidence in nasty situations; as well as useful biceps to knock some front teeth out.

Some of those sickos need a grab by the neck and a raised fist with this warning; "try that again and I'll punch your living lights out" - by a lady!

Regards - Leo

Junjie said...

Self-defence for girls in P.E. lessons? It's like advocating sex education, in my opinion. We'll need to come to a common consensus on what is REAL self-defence (which is a religious issue for many martial arts businessmen) as well as what ought to be taught (a parallel to the sexual orientation parts of the courses previously conducted by AWARE).

I totally agree with the concept, but I firmly believe that executing it will be a really tough job. And there will always be parents who are uncomfortable with the idea that their precious daughters are able to REALLY inflict bodily harm on another human being. Just as there are parents who are afraid that their precious kiddies will start practicing unsafe sex immediately after sex education lessons... :)

Yu-Kym said...

I heard that in China, girls learn Wu Shu in school. I agree with you that it will be difficult to get that implemented. Like buying insurance, people don't see the need to make any changes till something bad happens.

Junjie said...

Wu Shu is hardly self-defence. It CAN be used for self-defence, but it isn't self-defence. :)

To me, self-defence is a LEGAL term, therefore you cannot call anything self-defence unless it can take into account the legal aspect. It's not just what some martial arts businessman or his grandmaster says it is; it's what the law of the land says it is.

And while we're at it, I believe that self-defence should include:

1) understanding bad people, so you can recognize them and keep away from them;

2) knowing how criminals choose victims, so you can make them go choose someone else;

3) recognizing a bad situation, so you are prepared to defend yourself if someone approaches you there;

4) physical techniques for damage control - you messed up everything else before this, now you are trying to contain the damage;

5) being ready to answer to the police, to society AND to your own conscience. If you are not a totally hardened criminal, you have a conscience. You can't say you successfully defended yourself against an attacker if after the incident you turn to drugs or alcohol to numb a guilty conscience.

Seriously, who wants to learn all that? How many people in the martial arts scene want to understand all these aspects of self-defence? More are interested in just indulging their violent macho fantasies, in my opinion...

Yu-Kym said...

Junjie, you are totally right that self-defense education should include your 5 points. It does take personal discipline to act responsibly. As you pointed out, the law of the land is important. In Kuching, my friend told me that if you accidentally knock down someone near the Indonesian border, do not stop to help the person. Instead, drive to the nearest police station. Because the people there have their own laws. If you knock down one of their own, you might not get away alive.

Junjie said...

Yu-Kym, is there some way to verify this? Not that I don't believe your friend, it's just that I can't imagine getting killed for following my conscience... :)

Yu-Kym said...

Junjie, it's an unwritten rule so I'll have to depend on what people tell me.

Is there anyone from Malaysia who can share their views on this?