"Rent-A-Girlfriend" service

Will you use "Rent-A-Girlfriend" service?
It's not hiring a girl for sex but to bring home to visit one's parents and relatives for festive occasions such as the Lunar New Year. It's big business in China because of the disproportionate ratio of men to women.

Why pretend?
1. Parents tend to get worried or nag if their adult children have not found partners.
2. to avoid the constant questioning from relatives. [See, No boyfriend? WHY?]
3. Everyone might think you are gay.
4. People might try to match-make or set you up on blind dates with someone they know who are supposedly very attractive.
5. Just to show off. (In the same way that guys like to brag that their girlfriends/ex-girlfriends are air stewardesses.)

How to qualify?
Although I am polite and friendly, I don't think I qualify to be rented as a girlfriend because:
- internet-savvy friends and relatives might google me and my cover is blown,
- I can't speak any dialects,
- someone commented that I have a "corrupted" look from my pictures.

I think a girlfriend-for-rent should:
- be polite and well-mannered,
- be able to converse in the required languages,
- be able to hold conversations with people especially nosy relatives,
- be good at acting,
- look presentable and dress appropriately,
- be of a socially-acceptable age compared to the guy.
Anything else?

The same applies for boyfriends-for-rent.
Would I use "Rent-A-Boyfriend" service?
Maybe. But more for the fun of getting everyone fooled!


~Pink Miu Miu~ said...

Interesting but rental of such services is just for the cover-up and u cant keep up the pretence for long (u still have to face it one day) except maybe like what u said, for the fun of getting everyone fooled..haha

Instead, if my friends 'need' such service, i rather prepare a set of FAQ for 'em and it will cover:

- singles who are unattached at e moment.
- singles who are attached but decided not to get married so fast.
- singles and decided to remain single for life.
- married ones who dun have kids at e moments.
- married ones who decided not to have kids at all.

Extras may include:-
- singles who are gays/les
- married but just cover-up for marriage as couple each lead their separate lives.

So they can replay the FAQ despite any occasion they are (festive seasons, weddings, gatherings..etc) more economical and if u have to face it, so be it after all it's your liFe.

Maybe due to cultural differences, i felt this service might be more receptive in places like China but not in SG (Also SGP is too small and imagine your rental partner in CNY can be your friend's friend's one in the next BBQ gathering?? That's even awkward as u dun even have feelings for each other in the 1st place but u gotto bear with the stamp that u were once 'attached' with him/her...

祝你新年快乐, 身体健康 事事顺心.. 虎年行大运 huat ah! :)

Warm regards
Pink Miu Miu ^^

gruntpartystyle said...

You dont need anyone for this Kym ... Thats my opinion ... You are more than cool ..."kewl"... anyway ... Whish you all the best... [[[There is to mention , I can only speak Oxford English anyway]]]

A girlfriend should be not good at acting because I dont honor her for herself,more for the other stuff she represents ... Its about her and her attitudes ... Of course she should fit to me with age, style, language and her being but who konws any person for real before knoiwng in person by meeting her/him ? Try that b4 ,,,

David said...


You are not only polite and friendly, you are smart, opinionated and you can support your opinions. You are world savvy, athletic, and not to say least, a pretty lady.

You know you are respected and you show respect to those whose thoughts differ from yours. Above all you are not mean or cruel.

BTW, I would doubt you would need a boy-friend service.


Yu-Kym said...

Pink Miu Miu, the FAQ is a good idea. Just imagine the look on the nosy relatives' faces when your friend sticks the FAQ in their face!

gruntpartystyle, a rented girlfriend must be good at acting like your girlfriend, no?

Don't worry, I won't be renting a boyfriend any time soon. It's hard enough to find a guy I would like to date let alone a guy whose company I would be willing to pay for!

Hahah...i am thinking about this idea through google, and get here =)