New year goals and resolutions - Part 3

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2010 - new goals and resolutions for a new decade.

Whether it's a decade, a year, a month or a day, I feel a certain urgency. It may sound negative to some people but I get the idea that I won't be living that long. I don't mean to be religious or spiritual; I think I should never take more than I gave. Nature has endowed me with great gifts and talent, my parents and sisters have given me love. I intend to be the best that I can be and give back more than I have received during my lifetime - these are what I must do before I die.

1. Physical Health
a. I exercise at least twice a week.
b. I eat vitamins and supplements at least every other day.
c. I look healthy and happy.

2. Relationships
a. I have a loving relationship with my family.
b. I am at peace with myself and people.
c. I inspire people.
d. I live in harmony with nature.
e. I do not waste time and energy on negative relationships.

3. Values and Psychological Health
a. I am true to myself.
b. I am an honest person in all aspects of my life.
c. I have courage to follow my dreams and live life with passion.
d. I put in my best effort in all that I do.
e. I am never discouraged; I stay hopeful and keep trying.
f. I love myself.

4. Financial
a. I have adequate life and health insurance.
b. I get 5% returns from investments.
c. I develop a product which I believe in and am proud to sell by the end of 2010.
d. My net worth would be SGD1 million by 2020.

What are your goals and resolutions? Do share them with me!

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Anonymous said...

net worth SGD 1 million by 2020?? what a loser.

David said...


Admirable goals. Some a wee bit general.

I do however admire your growing sense of entrapanuership!

If you can provide any hints as to what kind of product you might develop this year, please share.

BTW, you appear to have a good base of knowledge for investing. Consider a financial News Letter for Asian and SG investors. Here in the states many pay monthly fees to get research along with buying and selling recommendations.

There is a lot of money to made in that arena. Of course you will be familiar with SGs regulatory climate.

Great series of post!

(long winded as usual..)

Yu-Kym said...

Anonymous, why am I a loser?

David, of course I will share that information soon :)

Anonymous said...

Yu-kym, because you need 10 years to get a million. I nearly fell off my chair. I thought there was a typographical error or something like that. u mean to tell me that after all these years of working, you are not even near there?

Yu-Kym said...

(No point in my asking whether you have a million SGD.
Note: taking a loan from a bank to buy a house increases one's assets but I mentioned NET worth).
To have a million AND have everything else that I want in #1-3, is completely different from just having a million.
Yes, after "all these years of working" I have not saved 1 million. There's no shame in that.

"We don't see things as they are, we see them as we are." ~Anais Nin~
You called me a loser. But You are the loser.

Anonymous said...

i called you a loser because you need 10 years to get a NET worth of 1 mil, at least from my prospective. what is your basis when you called me loser? Just because i called you a loser? If you want to blog, then please have the courage to face both nice & critical comments.

Anonymous said...

To the Anonymous Writer who deem making $1 Million in 10 years a loser :-

Not everyone will encounter a set of circumstances fortunate enough to make $1M in less than 10 years.
Calling someone a Loser just because she set that target; leaves much to be desired in terms of your choice of words.
This blog (and this world) will be all the more entertaining if we choose some civility in our words.

From Leo