New blog layout

Can you please give me some feedback on your likes and dislikes? I'll try to improve it rightaway if I can or include them when I do the next revamp. Thanks! :)


Jermaine said...

hi yu kym,

i kind of feel uncomfortable after u change your layout. cos ur contents gets squeezed to a side. try change it!


Anonymous said...

me too...feel uncomfortable with this new layout...perhaps i am used to the old layout and it should be fine after some time.

David said...


Very clean layout, with good use of white space.

My only recommendation would be to try a non-serif font. Non-serif fonts are easier to read on computer monitors.


Teh said...

Hi there...

I agree with the first two comments...the layout appears cramped, not least because it appears to be bordered by what looks like a restaurant menu? :) utilise the space on the sides more...should make for better viewing pleasure :)

Just my 2 cents' worth. Keep up the good writing

Anonymous said...


i agreed with the font matters, because non-serif font is created for display, while font with tails are for printed docs.

I am still in the midst of getting use to this new layout, but so far i personally quite like it.


yg said...

white blackground more pleasing and easier to read than the red background you had earlier.

Wayves said...

I'm ok with it.

Anonymous said...

No! It is terrible; the photo makes you look like some tart! Totally discredit the fine write-ups.
Take it away!

From Leo

Anonymous said...

Yu Kym,
Your photographer really needs to improve his/her skills.
On a more sympathetic note, perhaps you guys are hard press for time to do a decent composition?
Or you are not using an SLR camera - the lenses on those compact cameras would distort any scene which is not taken square-on, ie. 90 degrees in front of the scene.

From Leo

Yu-Kym said...

Thanks for your feedback! I have increased the font size slightly and changed most of the fonts to non-serif. Hope this is better.

Hi Jermaine, I changed to this format because when the column is narrower, it is faster for you to read, e.g. newspaper columns are rather narrow.

David, Teh and Pat, I have changed most of the fonts to non-serif.

Teh, it's meant to be a notebook :P I'm a writer so I thought it would be an appropriate border.

Leo, I don't have a photographer. All the indoor pictures are self-taken. I don't have anyone to help me with anything :( Which picture do you think is appropriate?

Anonymous said...

Hi Kym

You need a tripod. Mount camera around stomach-to-your-chest height. The lighting inside most room is hopeless, but as ceilings are usually white, try not to subject the camera sensor to wrestle with a white/bright background.
Got natural light from a window? Shots are brighter at window side & dark at other. Hang a large white bedsheet on the wall directly opposite the window - this evens out the level of light reflecting about the room.
Florescent lights must not be switched on - they give a horrible green tone on the picture.
Never stand camera above the height of your forehead or your head becomes hideously oversize in the photo.
Buy a Nikon D80S-Kit. Their SLR cameras are much more sturdy than Canons. Mine still good after 3 years & their batteries are fantastic - keep FULL charge even 6 months in storage; batteries - most essential item if you need to shoot lots of photos.
A photo of the tools-of-your-trade would give a personal touch for all your readers - your keyboard! And mouse of course! (Please, hide the $1 coupons).
Anyone who whack a reply will touch one or the other!
I suspect you put up provocative photos to provoke interest - but you dont want to invite derisive comments from some passing-by reader eg the $1 Million in 10 years subject; these folks tend to be quick to judge others & the picture reinforces their stereo-typing.
Choice is yours to decide - whether you want serious comments or as-many-hits-as-possible one liners.

Regards, Leo

Anonymous said...

The column on the right should be a little narrower than the left. This is to ease up the content page. And possibly have a darker shade or a hint of grey on the right column so the full attention can be given to the main content (posts) on the left content. This is based on what I've learn for web marketing. Some simple colour alteration to boost your content