Men's swimwear that I like

Which design I prefer a man to wear depends on the occasion.

For a visit to the swimming pool, I usually see men wearing briefs (commonly referred to as Speedos), boxer shorts and board shorts. I prefer men to wear the briefs if they've got the body for it. If not, it's best that they keep as much covered as possible.

At the beach or for beach and sea sports (e.g. beach volleyball, jet-skiing), I think boxer shorts, board shorts and jammers (looks like cycling shorts) are the most appropriate. Briefs are fine for suntanning but not so much for volleyball. I've never seen a guy wear thong so far. It would be very sexy if he has a nice ass.

Under no real-life circumstances should a man wear a mankini. (This is least gross picture I could find).

This is my favourite colour. Most definitely an attention-grabber. For the same reason a woman would or wouldn't wear a white t-shirt without bra and splash water on her chest, a man should or shouldn't wear white swimwear. I find white briefs hot but only if the guy has nice packages at the front and back otherwise it's just ugly. Oh ya, please shave... everything.

I hardly see guys wearing red swimwear. Is it supposed to be for gays?

Dark Colours
Nothing unusual. Most guys would buy dark colours because they're "safe", i.e. so that they don't have to shave clean. I hope they at least shave the areas that are exposed to avoid antennas sticking out.


David said...


That swimsuit is just to much.

Have you seen any guys wearing one? ? ?

My aging body will NEVER be seen in a mankini. The name is strange, just does not work well...


David said...


I forgot to compliment you on the new site layout.

Very clean.

God can change our circumstances, but sometimes He waits for us to show real desire for change as well as our faith in Him.

-- Anne Graham Lotz

elderflowertea said...

hey, how to let people put comments on your blog?

Yu-Kym said...

David, I've only seen that on TV, never in real life thankfully!

elderflowertea, what type of comments? You mean chatbox?

Anonymous said...

a mankini, made me laugh a lot...

Yu-Kym said...

If you wear it, it would make a lot of people laugh a lot!