I love my library!

I felt like a kid today spinning the mini wheel of fortune at the public library. For every 8 items I borrow, I get to spin the wheel to get a guaranteed free gift - a notepad, paper clips, a keychain or a pen. I don't pay a cent for library membership yet I free gifts for borrowing books? Wow!

I was entitled to 2 spins and I got these:

Another library gives away 1 re-useable bag (for carrying books) for every 8 items borrowed and there's a different colour to collect each month. Nice idea! But not as fun as spinning the wheel! :P Cheap thrill... I mean free thrill but I'm thrilled!


~Pink Miu Miu~ said...

Yes, we have diff loan promo gg on from time to time and library membership is FREE for all Singaporeans. Now one can also borrow up to 2 audio-visual materials (total loan of 6 items) and this means movie VCD/DVDs/audio books. Do check out our Library@Esplanade for movies/CDs :).

See how much we sayang our local ppl so all shld visit our libraries (im sure there's one near you). After all, libraries had changed so much over the years and it's no more just read and go..there are plenty of programmes so do check it out yoyo..

And babe glad to know you love the spinning wheel, yeah :)

Yu-Kym said...

The public library in Singapore is really great! I love that I can:
- return the items at any branch,
- reserve books and collect them my selected branch,
- borrow DVD classics, instructional videos and documentaries.
Hope there'll be another spin-the-wheel promotion next month :P

Anonymous said...

nothing else better to write for today?

Yu-Kym said...

I enjoyed spin-the-wheel so much that I had to write about it!

~Pink Miu Miu~ said...

Ok babe, thanks for your compliments in our library system here, yeah! :))

And yes, we would continute to delight our readers, always :P