How to wash off home-made cheese

Men and women can accumulate home-made cheese on the penis head and vulva (external parts of the female genitalia) respectively. Everyone should make an effort to clean their private parts properly. However, not everyone does. Either they do not bother to wash themselves, do not know how to do it, or some people, e.g. conservative young girls, might feel uncomfortable touching themselves there. It's rather unpleasant for the partner to have to deal with cheese.

Lovers may wash each other as part of foreplay, afterplay, or necessity (i.e. the partner for some reason has accumulated cheese down there). I've notice that guys usually don't know how to wash me properly.

How to wash women:
Wash the external area with water or specially formulated cleansers. Take special care to wash both the inner and outer lips between the skin folds. To get deep into the folds on each side of the lips (not in the vagina!), use your index finger to push the skin aside and your middle finger (or the other way round depending on the side you're washing) to wash in between the folds. Do not use your nails and do not rub too hard. You do not need to wash inside the vagina.
[See Vaginal douching]

How to wash men:
Pull back the foreskin and wash the penis head with water or a gentle cleanser. Pay special attention to the sulcus area, which is a groove, where cheese tends to accumulate. Pull the foreskin back over the penis head if it's meant to be stored after washing.


David said...


Great post!

Now I have never encountered a female with such poor hygiene that they had home-made-cheese, or any unpleasant oder.

Have had the mis-fortune to meet many males with this problem?

If yes, why do thing hygiene is overlooked?


Yu-Kym said...

Most men don't have this problem. If it's worth the effort, I would wash it. But it makes me lose my appetite :(

Jeryc said...

Its great for single guys. At least now they won't go hungry...

Yu-Kym said...

Jeryc, you eat that??

Jeryc said...

No, I pressed them into slices and sell them to Cold Storage :D

Yu-Kym said...

Oh, they sell homemade cheese. No wonder it's so expensive!

Jeryc said...

Exquisite and discerning taste... Not all know how to appreciate fine items.. ;-)

Anonymous said...

0_O ummmmm.............WTF