Health is happiness

Has your immune system ever broken down after you've completed something stressful and important, i.e. you don't fall sick throughout the task but immediately after that you fallsick?

My new chapter didn't start off as I imagined. I planned on waking up early for a swim or run. Instead, at 5am I woke up with a burning throat. When I got out of bed to drink some water my nose started getting runny. Next, I alternated between feeling cold and warm. I had difficulty getting back to sleep. I knew I wouldn't be able to start my first day with a bang - it was more like boomz! My immune system decided to take a break too.

As I lie in bed, I thought to myself:
- without good health, there is no happiness for me. I may have all the time (or money) in the world but I can't go out and enjoy myself if I'm sick,
- I feel like eating lo mai kai but the shops weren't open yet.

I realised that I considered my emotional and physical health in major decisions. I would give up many things for the sake of my health. E.g. I would pay more for better healthcare, I would spend money on rental to avoid emotional distress from living with my mother, I would give up unhealthy friendships and relationships, and I would quit my job if it has negative impact on my health.

Anyway, I had fish curry (tumeric in the curry is anti-bacterial), ginger-tea (ginger and tea are good for health) and popped my usual vitamin C pill. I avoid taking western medicine. I am feeling much better now. I think I will be well enough to go out tomorrow, but not for sports/exercise.


David said...


It appears you acquired some type of upper respiratory virus, or possible a sinus infection.

Watch the colour of your nasal discharge, if you see any that is green, yellow or another colour other than clear, or cloudy white, is an indication of sinus infection.

Get well soon!


Anonymous said...

I got the same thing like you. But unlucky for me, I still need to force myself to work on a work that I don't like, because I will be "sounded" if I were to take MC now. I need to beg the boss to let me go off earlier, for the sake of seeing doctor (which I thought supposed to be my rightful right to do so)in order to get rid of my damn sickness at this point of time. I envy you and I admire you at the same time.

Let's get well soon...

Yu-Kym said...

I'm fine already. Thanks!

Anon, your boss is terrible. Hope you get well soon...

David said...


Good to read you are better. Sick time policies vary over here.

I have been using my banked sick time to be with my wife who just got out from a 4 day hospital stay. She is recovering, but needs me around home to keep our little home running.

I also will accompany her to the doctors we will see today and tomorrow as we follow up with her post recovery phase.

Yu-Kym, can you give us any idea what your first independent project will look like?


Yu-Kym said...

David, I wish your wife a speedy recovery. It's good that your company allows you to use your sick leave that way. Over here we have to use annual leave/PTO.

I prefer not to openly discuss the first project because sometimes I change my mind towards the end :P

~Pink Miu Miu~ said...

Yes, good health is true happiness thou many fail to realise that...

Yu-Kym said...

I know that good health is true happiness in theory but it's only when I'm lying in bed feeling sick that I truly understand it.

Anonymous said...

In this world we live in,

Health alone is not happiness. Money alone is not happiness. Health AND Money IS happiness.

When I am lying in bed terminally ill and all the money I have cannot bring me back to what I once was, then I will be glad to go having lived a wonderfully happy life as much as possible when I had both health and money.

Now that either one has failed me, its time to go, its time to go. No regrets. lol

What i will regret is when I have success and money but I have no health to enjoy it, or I have health but no money. What is the point then? Live life in mediocrity? Nah, not my style.

silli cat