"Great job" done by Microsoft's China manufacturer

Warning: I'm ranting. I seldom rant in my blog but today I really need to.

You may recall that I bought a Microsoft wireless ergonomic keyboard in June last year [see What I bought at PC Show 2009].

I bought it because I enjoyed using my previous Microsoft ergonomic keyboard. To my disappointment after 6 months of usage - just before I left for my vacation to Vietnam and Cambodia - the right-shift key failed to work. I thought it was the software that was corrupted. I reinstalled the keyboard driver but it still didn't work. Then a few days ago, the @ key stopped working. I didn't have the time so to work around that problem I copied and pasted the @ sign whenever I needed to use it. However, when the X key stopped working today that was the straw that broke the camel's back (no, I'm not talking about camel toe here!). HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO TYPE "SEX" WITHOUT THE "X"???

I've never had a spoilt keyboard in my life prior to this one. Other than the keys not working, the colour of the keyboard paint has faded significantly and the alphabet markings have also faded - not what I would expect from a Microsoft product costing $55.90. I guess they did not test their products for durability against toxic sweat.

In the meantime, my G-cube mouse (the label says it's assembled in China) which I bought way before the Microsoft one is still going strong - the buttons are still working fine and the colour has not faded at all and my cheapo A4 Tech keyboard (made in China) which I am using now still has all its alphabet markings in tact.

Anyway, their website is positively designed by web programmers, i.e. I have to click more than 10 links and I still can't find the information that I need. Where is their service center? I can't even find that answer. Will I be able to have the spoilt keyboard repaired or exchanged by microsoft at no cost to me? I sent Microsoft Singapore an email asking this question. The printing on the box states that there's a 3-year warrenty. If the answer is No, I'll never buy another Microsoft hardware again.


David said...


A you certain the keyboard is not a pirate version of a Microsoft product. Many made in China products look real, have real looking manufacture labels, all very cleverly craft phonies.

I have two year old wireless Microsoft mouse, (model 1023 and made in China), for my laptop that is not faded, all buttons work, and it is still running on the original AAA battery.

I think you may have phony Microsoft items here. Do let me know if you are 100% sure they are really Microsoft manufactured.

Good luck.

BTW, the photo for this post is just HOT! ! !
What a lovely smile and eyes you possess!


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Yu-Kym said...

It didn't occur to me that it might be fake. There's a different in "feel" when depressing the keys on an expensive keyboard vs cheap one. It's a valid point. I don't think (but I can't confirm it until I give the serial number to microsoft to check).
Thank you :)

Yu-Kym said...

Microsoft will be delivering a replacement keyboard within 21 days at no cost to me. I provided the serial numbers and the name of the company I bought it from, and they approved the replacement in 1 business day.

Arunram said...


Yu-Kym said...

I received an email from Microsoft saying that the keyboard model that I was using is obsolete so they will send me the closest model. I checked the model and it's a standard wireless keyboard while mine is a wireless Ergonomic keyboard. I only use ergonomic keyboards! I realised I missed out one word in my submission to Microsoft but I would think they would have been able to know the model from the serial numbers.

I emailed back and said I made a mistake in the model name and asked whether they could send me that model instead. The response was that they already mailed it (without first asking me whether another model was ok).

I received the standard non-ergonomic wireless keyboard today by speedpost. I called up Microsoft and asked again whether the correct model can be sent to me. Awaiting their response...

Yu-Kym said...

This is most frustrating.

1. The officer did not get my agreement on replacing the keyboard with a different model. He merely informed me that it would be another model and got it sent out.
2. When I emailed the officer to inform him that it was not the correct model, he did not offer any way to resolve it. I did not receive a response back so I called Microsoft again on 25 Feb. The customer care personnel said that he had tried to explain to me "many times" that the keyboard I'm using is obsolete therefore they are replacing it with another model.
3. The officer insisted that my keyboard is not a comfort curve keyboard according to his records. I offered to come to the service center or send a picture to prove that it is indeed comfort curve. He said none of it was necessary because his records show that mine is not comfort curve and that was that. There was nothing that could make him believe that I was right. In effect, he was saying that I was lying.
4. The officer then put me on hold "to check" again. Actually what he was checking was for the replacement terms which he read out to me after putting me on hold for 5 minutes. I do understand the replacement terms. But my point was, the model that I was given was Not "similar" to the original one.
5. To get me off his back, the officer said that Microsoft no longer produces comfort curve keyboards. I asked him to send me an email stating this but it never came. I did a quick web search and found that there are Microsoft Wireless Laser Desktop 4000 and 5000 ergonomic models available.

I sent an email to the manager of this customer service personnel. The manager replied within 1 day. The issue was escalated.

Microsoft informed me on 4 Mar that they would be sending me an ergonomic keyboard.

I called up Microsoft 17 Mar and they said that they don't have stock of that keyboard and it will be sent to me on 2 April - 2 months from the date of my request!

Yu-Kym said...

Just received new keyboard today. It is an upgrade from the spoilt keyboard. Using it now. Like it alot :)