Does anything good come out of speed-dating?

I've never attended a speed-dating session. I wonder what good can come out of it. No doubt,
- it's good to get to meet people whom you might not get to meet during your normal course of life,
- the chat ends in 5 minutes so you only have to endure talking to the person for 5 minutes,
- is 5 minutes too short a time to determine whether a person would make a good partner?
- what type of people would speed-date?

I have two female friends who have attend speed-dating sessions. One said that the guys there were rather ugly and desperate - one guy was pestering her for her phone number. She was glad she only had to put up with them for 5 minutes each. Another friend said the guys looked presentable and she found them interesting enough to go for drinks with after the session. This friend observed that some of the guys seemed to be "regulars" there because they knew one another well. I found this rather strange. Either the guys where very unlucky not to hook up with any gals or they were there not to find a partner but to make friends and have *fun*. I would guess if it's the latter, nobody would know because the gal who gave her panties away to the guy wouldn't feel comfortable with going back for more speed-dating sessions. The guy, with his collection of panties at home, would have no problems with continuing to attend more speed-dates to add to his collection.

I know I shouldn't base my conclusions on such a small sample size of two. If you or
your friends who have developed fruitful relationships with people you've met from speed-dating, please share them with me - I would really like to hear them!


David said...


I cannot offer any useful advice regarding speed dating.

My dating years were pre-internet, so speed dating had yet to be invented.

Let us know if you ever try speed dating.


Yu-Kym said...

Not anytime soon :P I was referring to face-to-face speed dating.

speeddatinggirl said...

Wait, there were women giving away their panties at this speed dating? I've been to a lot of speed dating events and had a lot of interesting experiences (as well as a few real connections), but never encountered that. It would totally make my blog.

Anonymous said...

Heard this true story from a friend. His friend went for those speed dating kind of function over in KL. Those that are for singles that are looking for a husband / wife.

Pretty decent guy who are basically tied up with his job and do not have the opportunity to meet any girl/s that are within his market segmentation.

Anyway, to keep things short, he kind of found his kind of girl. Smart, funny, pretty and whatever in his mind. After 3 months, broke off. Only reason, everything is perfect but she's insatiable in bed. She wants at least 2-3x a day, everyday. He really can't keep up after 3 months. Her previous relationship broke-off also the same reason.

So, most perfect but can't perform...

Yu-Kym said...

speeddatinggirl, I didn't mean it literally but I'm sure it happens too!

Anon, I thought most guys would be happy to get such a girl... too bad he couldn't keep up.

Anonymous said...

2-3x daily for me is ok for the first 3 - 4 years maybe. After that, I think for most guys, that might be a little bit too much. Guys gets old and losses stamina regardless either they wish to admit it or not. That's like fucking 1000x or more per year.

Some guys can can do it 5-10x a day. The question is, how long can he survive doing that? So, I think reasonably a guy can take it maybe constant 1-2x daily for years without much issue but more than that, might not be that common.

Darn, she should be paired up with one guy in Malaysia who claims that he need to do it at least 5-8x daily or he go nuts.

~Pink Miu Miu~ said...

Absolutely interesting post haha :)

My friend juz shared with me today (struck by your topic, i asked her :P) both her & her bf's experiences in speed dating and i thought it's pretty interesting... am gg to write abt it after the match-make session im setting up for my friend this sat. *Let u know when im doned.

For speed dating, to conclude:-
- dun expect drop dead gorgeous or hunks
- most gals are more emotional and it's more impt to fulfill their emotional needs.
- most guys are visual creatures, if they dun 'spot' their target, then that's it.

It's quite hilarious how both sexes view this but i think it's harmless to go with an open mind to make more friends (a better way to start off) then to go with the aim to find wifey/hubby material where u can be very disappointed at the end of the session.

Yu-Kym said...

Anon, if she's paired up with that guy, she would be the one falling short! I've heard from my guy friends that guys' libido generally drops from around age 30 - some say it drops by 75% !

Pink Miu Miu, please feel free to post the link to your blog post. I'll be interested to read it :) Good luck and have fun!