Do you feel comfortable naked?

Do you walk around the house naked? Do you sleep naked? Do you enjoy stripping for your partner?

There's this joke: If you wake up and find yourself naked in the middle of Orchard Road (Singapore's major shopping belt) which part of your body would cover?
Most people would say they'd cover their privates but it seems the better answer is to cover your face!
It's a good point, though I'd still prefer to cover my privates :D
I don't want to bump into a lamppost walking with my face covered!

Walking around naked
I'm naked at home rather often. The weather has been hot and humid so not wearing anything helps me cut down on the laundry load - better for the environment.

Sleeping naked
Sometimes I sleep naked in the afternoon but I would never sleep naked at night. When I was a child, I was awakened in the middle of the night to run out of apartment because of a burning motorcycle on the ground level of the building. This incident must have caused me to feel uneasy if I'm naked in bed at night. Logically, I know that fires can happen in the afternoon too but subconsciously I think I'm still unable to overcome the fear of another fire occurring at night.

Stripping for your partner
Do you like having the lights on or off? I like that Ikea advertisement "70% of Singaporeans make love with the lights off... pity" (there's a picture of an Ikea lamp). I like some natural light or dim lights are flattering. Not harsh, fluorescent ones are too glaring and they make faces look pale and bodies two-dimensional.
As for the stripping, I'm referring not only to stripteasing but also simply removing your clothes with your partner watching, or walking around naked in front of him/her. I see no reason why people shouldn't be comfortable with these. After all, if my partner has seen and touched me before, what's the big deal? I'm comfortable with my body though I wish I have bigger boobs and tighter abs but I'll just have to make do with what I've got!


David said...

Neither my wife nor I walk around our house naked. Its winter here in the northern United States and even a heated home is not as warm as a summer day. At night we let the house cool to 15-16C, far to cool to be naked.

Unless of course we are playing around!

Stripteasiing is interesting for the young.
I think my wife and I would end laughing to hard if we tried such self entertainment.

Fun posting!


Yu-Kym said...

Yes, too cold to be naked!
Next time you need to have a good laugh, you know what to do *wink*

Anonymous said...

I have get used to sleep half naked (with panty only). I will walking around naked or half naked (with panty and with/without bra) in the house if i m all alone or with bf. Feel good to let body naked for a rest without clothes on. People start wearing clothes since the first day we were born except when we are bathing or cloth changing, or dating with partner. Why don't just let out tired body relaxing without clothes on (in a closed place)? :)

Being naked (partially or totally) or wearing significantly less clothing is a norm for many who seeks comfort at the privacy of their own home.

The main purpose of clothing is for protection, but in the last few decades, it has become a fashion and a culture.

Sleeping naked in our country (Singapore)where humidity is high can cause pshsical illness unless there's a deviceto stabalize the room temperature.

The whole idea of being naked at home is always freedom, feeling at ease and for some, to feel sexy.

It's truly an individual choice but it comes with responsibility toward your neigbour, your children and your parents.

Yu-Kym said...

I do feel more relaxed when naked. But I won't want to give my neighbours free show!

Anonymous said...

I feel good and relax in naked. Enjoy stripping ang giving any woman who interest to see free show. ;p

Anonymous said...

YK, do you think any woman enjoy watching a stranger guy stripteasing or prefer their bf or partner?

Yu-Kym said...

For hen's parties the women do enjoy a seeing a stranger stripteasing! I think women would certainly like to watch their bf or partner to do it too (even if they end up laughing!) It takes some courage/confidence and trust for anyone to do it.

Anonymous said...

YK, If I organize a party to perfrom stripteasing, do you think any women will come and enjoy watching? I don't mind if they laugh at me.

Yu-Kym said...

It depends on how you look with your clothes on.

Anonymous said...

Which type of clothes should a stripper wear so that more seductive for women to ask him to strip?