Do women have increased sex drives as they get older?

It is often observed that men experience reduced sex drives as they grow older while women experience increased sex drives. For men, the lower sex drive is biological. However, for women, I think it is not biological but psychological.

Sexual experience
I won't say experience comes with age but women are likely to have sexual encounters over the years. Being more experienced means knowing how to enjoy sex: knowing what turns them on and what doesn't. If they enjoy sex, they will naturally want it more.

Social/cultural influence and sexual liberation
In conservative Asian societies like Singapore, young girls who have sex for pleasure - be it with their serious boyfriends or strangers - are seen as easy and cheap, whereas older women who behave in the same manner are less likely to be labeled as easy and cheap. We know this is true - otherwise why would girls resort to faking virginity? And though I've never bothered to fake virginity, in my younger days there must have been at least one conversation with friends in which I pretended not to know anything about sex!

I've noticed that my female friends, who are now older, are more at ease now discussing sex topics with male and female friends. It seems to me like they are now sexually liberated. It is ok to have sex! It is ok to enjoy sex! We needn't feign ignorance anymore! (I can't be the only one who pretended not to know!)

Trends and Fashion
In the recent years, the mass media has made it fashionable to be a MILF. Psychologically, it makes women feel that sexier as they grow older and some women possibly go to the extent of seeking and indulging in sex to verify that they indeed are sexy.


David said...


Since you did not define 'older; women, I will use 40+ as a baseline.

Experience with my wife, she is 40+, nieces in their early forties and a few 50+ plus relatives have taught me the following.

The majority of women over 40 are as interested in sex as they were in their early 20s.

Being 10 years older than my wife has lead me to need one of those very nice little pills that help men my age.

This link provides interesting data:


Yu-Kym said...

I think the biological sex drive potential of the woman remains the same throughout. Some women may have suppressed their sex drive when they were younger because of social norms.