Annual Spring Cleaning

My emotional spring cleaning is completed but my physical spring cleaning has not started.
[See last year's blog about emotional and physical spring cleaning: Annual Spring Cleaning]

I've not started my annual spring cleaning. Now that I've brought home my personal belongings from the office like old cute calendars and note books I have them in a heap and more stuff in my brown paper bag. I need to store them somewhere in my cupboard.

My apartment hasn't been cleaned yet. It's not that dirty but add a bit here and there and it'll probably require lots of time and energy. I wish I have a slave to clean for me (in underwear + dog collar). I'll just supervise and give him some treats after that.

I'll probably have to rush through it tomorrow before going to my parents' place for reunion dinner. I'll probably do it naked to avoid having an extra piece of clothing to wash.

Have you completed yours? Did you do it naked? [See Do you feel comfortable naked?]


gruntpartystyle said...

I haven't done mine yet, neither physical nor emotional ... One reason might be the fact that we still have 30cm of snow ... The other is, that I am not done with exams for this term and I usually do my cleaning after all exams are writen

Anonymous said...

YK, I was watching Razor TV episode on Lap dancing. When I read your blog, and you asked Did you do it naked? I kept thinking about you.
OMG, I said to myself, I would love to see u Lap dance naked.
I love that Razor presentation, sexy, beautiful. Have a nice day, and new years eve too. Enjoy.

Anonymous said...

Hi Yu-Kym

Hope you have finished doing your spring cleaning in au naturel.

I only do it in topless, having to use my t-shirt to do the cleaning.

Happy Lunar New Year to you.

Best Wishes


Yu-Kym said...

gruntpartystyle, 30cm of snow!! Good luck for your exams!

Kfr, I believe the dressing for lap dance should be: wearing as little as possible or naked.

Hayek, I managed to finish spring cleaning but had to wear clothes.

Anonymous said...

Won't the dirt or dust like get into down there if you do spring cleaning naked?

Yu-Kym said...

Good question! LOL
When women go swimming, the water doesn't get in. So actually the dust won't get in either.

Anonymous said...

Lol. But I think it's 2 completely different things. water ain't really harmful but dust is!

Yu-Kym said...

There's chlorine and bacteria in the water (of swimming pools). If my place was THat dusty I would be fully clothed!

Anonymous said...

Hi All

Here's some yuucky news about swimming pools.
Swimm FIRST thing in the morning, not afternoons when kids, maids & pets ??? had a go in the water.
The filters had all night to clean the water so water is cleanest in early morning.
After that & many folks later, ugggh! :(
Dead skin, saliva, blood from cuts or women's period, clothing fibres, nose mucus, ear wax, .... gross out already ? then stop here, dont read further.

(1)How many people wash their ass-hole before they step into the pool? Sorry! I did warn you !! .
(2)Can you be sure the guy hanging by the side of pool does not have an incurable strain of herpes?
(3)Most pool operators do not know enough about chlorine to save their own lives - there's Free Chlorine - able to disinfect germs, & there's Combined Chlorine - already done its job! When they test the chlorine level of the water, their primitive test kits show the Total Chlorine present - of which probably 90% is Combined Chlorine!
If people jump in & out, it is near-impossible to maintain a consistent level of Free Chlorine in the pool.
(4)What do you think is causing your hair to mat up after a swim in a crowded pool? hint - hair is an excellent dirt-trapping filter.
Heh! Heh! Heh! :)
From now on, enjoy your swim!

Regards - Leo

Yu-Kym said...

Leo, that's gross!!! Urrrgh