3 ways to keep yourself occupied or avoid conversations during festive visits

This guide is useful for:
- anti-social people,
- people who get tired or bored after many hours of talking, and
- those who want to avoid having conversations with nosy people [see No boyfriend? WHY?].

1. TV
Have you noticed that most people would leave the TV on even if nobody's watching it? When you ask them to turn it off they just won't. I realised that it's useful to have the TV on in case somebody gets bored with the conversation. It might appear rude to turn on the TV halfway through the conversation (it's like saying out loud "I'm bored!") so it's better to have the TV beforehand. Turning towards the TV is also a good way to handle any awkward silence. If you visit a house where the TV is not turned on, remember to request for it to be turned on at the start of your visit. Or better still, bring the latest action (no porn please) DVD's to keep yourself entertained.

2. Food and drinks
If you're stuffing your face, you will look like you're enjoying yourself or at least doing something. This is also a great way to avoid conversations with nosy people. Should anyone attempt to talk to you, point to your mouth full of food (repeat if necessary) and they'll leave you alone.

If you're drinking alcohol, you can pretend to be drunk and moody or drunk and talking rubbish so that people stay away from you. The only ones who would like your company would be those who are truly drunk or, like you, are pretending to be drunk.

3. Children, babies and pets

Perhaps people are genuinely interested in children, babies and pets but I feel a certain sense of relief to see children and babies arrive or when the owner lets the dog loose when I'm too tired for further conversations. I don't usually play with children and babies because I'm too conscious of the germs on my hands. I can't speak baby language anyway. I don't play with dogs because I don't want my leg to become a masturbation post. I only like children, babies and pets because everyone else will have their attention diverted and leave me alone. Many people seem to enjoy playing with children, babies and animals. If you're one such person, go have fun talking in baby language or dog language!


~Pink Miu Miu~ said...

True.. these are fast & easy mm another two more:-
- Since there's a distance from the TV and the sofa (and it might not necessarily be ON).. i would also read the newspapers.. whatever Strait Times, Zaobao, Wanbao or Shin Min.. and yes even the Classifieds section lol :P
- SMSing (this is very common too :)

Anonymous said...

Agree! sometimes the energy just fizzle off until run out of topic or after a heavy makan during the house visits

David said...


Children can be a wonderful diversion from adult conversation.

Sometimes when I am tired, I end playing with the three, four, five or six year old kids. I have some nieces and nephews that age who I just love, and they always have fun when their uncle wants to play.

When I am done playing I can get away with being tired, as often I truly am after an hour or more of keeping up with the young energy rick children.

Plus children are so honest with their feelings. They are to young to have learned bad behaviors from adults.


Yu-Kym said...

SMSing might appear rude. Reading newspapers, not so bad.

Yeah, children are full of energy!