Win money, talk big; lose money, diam diam

*diam diam means to keep quiet.

Notice how people tend to talk brag about their winnings at the casino and horse races, in the lottery and stock market, or when people get salary increments they announce it by buying food or gifts for their friends and family?

I mean, fine if they want to celebrate. I would really love to be the friends of such people if I needed a free meal every once in a while.

Some people do it out of generosity, others do it to buy favour from others. "Hey, I'm lucky/capable and rich, you should hang out with me more often and I will reward you."

If the money is spent on people who treasure them regardless of whether they are rich or poor, then it's money well spent. Otherwise, the money is only used to buy (false) praise and affection, "Wa, you are so lucky!" or, "Congrats on your promotion! You must be doing a good job!" when they might actually be envious and hope that you squander your new-found wealth or that you suffer miserably at your new position.

When people lose money or lose their jobs, they usually prefer not to announce it to the world. Ya, I think that's a good choice because none of their friends whom they have bought with money are going to say, "You have no money ah... come, I buy you lunch."


Anonymous said...

I think that it is good to share your win around. You feel good and others around will also get attracted to that winning feeling.
But if you are the type that are negative, envious, there will always be a feeling of lack so you will have more lack or belong to the lagging.
Unsually it is not good to share your losses with others because you do not want that loss to hang around you by mentioning it. Its call think positive, grow rich and stay wealthy.

Rock Hard said...

Think it's more like self deceiving.
As for me?
If I make some profit or gains from my own hardwork, I just have to treat it like it's another normal day. Remember, not everyday is sunshine and clear blue sky.
Like the saying goes...
Save for a rainy day
BTW, I don;t gamble.
My chances of winning is 1:10,000
Working hard, my chances is 1:10
I know my odds well.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kym,

How true!

I've worked in many different countries and sadly, Singapore is one of the least gracious, most arrogant and most petty-minded .... (I could go on..) society I ever have the misfortune to belong to.

Never ever reveal you made some money. Neighbours, mother & father-in-law, brothers, brothers & sisters-in-law... juess.. except for 3 fine sisters and 2 true mates, all will ache for your company.

Neighbour : "Wah, such a nice car, just strike Big Sweep is it?"

Father-in-law : "Your brother-in-law getting married. Need some money for the Gordon Blue whisky. Dont worry, if ang pow not enough, I will sell car" (later we found out car belongs to his boss). My wife & I struggled for years paying off the bank's exorbitant interest, after he failed to return our money.

Mother-in-law : "Ah, I also need a bit to buy jewellery for wedding gift - otherwise no face lah"

Brother : "Eh! When can borrow your new wheels ah?"

Brother-in-law : "Eh! Can borrow $2K or not? Want to go Gentings with my kakis".

Wife of above brother-in-law : "Aiyo, you so lucky there. Not like my stupid husband, go Gentings all the time. Whah, you never go before ah? Big sister so lucky get husband like you. When you blanjah lunch at Angus Steakhouse? (my fav. restaurant inside Takashimaya Dept. Store) I so long no go Takashimaya already. I know you like rrrred meat..tttttt...... right?" (and this wench is capable of flashing her g-strings a couple of times if no other person is present).

Another sister-in-law : "Wah, how come your son Ryan give new X-Box 360 to 3rd sister's son, but my son no get? He even lend him the latest game. (Our son, all of 13 years old, is particularly fond of this younger cousin. They share all their games).

My wife & I almost divorce each other because;
(1)she claimed her father never said the car belonged to him. I must have been deaf + stupid a 2nd time; to lend them money again.
(2)I told her I could almost count the number of flowers printed on her sister's G-strings. Why you stare so long - she asked me. Stupid me right? How to answer a question like that? How many of you have a sister-in-law like that? I was so shocked I went dumb & just stared! Juess... did that wench really wanted me to F--K her? Most stupid thing I ever said to my wife.

Moral of story: even if you can keep your mouth shut, never, never buy a new car!

:`( - Leo

Yu-Kym said...

Kfr, I am now not working and my friends are really nice to offer to pay for my food! :) But I don't take advantage of them lah. I have savings and I'm sure they have financial comments of their own.

Rock hard, many people want to get rich instantly without working hard. They spend the rest of their time complaining about not being rich.

Leo, everyone here wants a free lunch. My friends say they would buy my book but my acquaintances will ask, "Will I get a (free) autographed book?" I'm not so hard-up for people to read my book to give it away for free :\
(1) It's rather upsetting when your partner is not on your side but blames you.
(2) This one is your fault lah haha. Your language was way too colourful. If you just said you could see her g-strings, period, I think that would have been ok.