Vibrators: Japan-made better than China-made

I have yet to replace my old vibrator.

Reason: I don't know how to get a Japan-made one.

Many years ago, a partner bought me my first vibrator on his trip to Japan. I used it for a good numbers years, and then I kept it in my drawer after making sure that I removed the batteries. About 2 years later, I wanted to use it so took it out and put in batteries but it didn't work! I changed the batteries a good number of times before I was finally convinced that it was never going to vibrate again :(

Made in Japan

I bought this silver one online from a Singapore website. It was some brand with the name "California". When I received it, I realised it was made in China. At first, I thought it was no big deal. But when I used, it I concluded that the Japan-made one was far better.

Made in China

What's the difference between my Japan-made and China-made vibrators?

1. Material
I am allergic to the material of the China-made vibrator. I had a rash on my fingers.

2. Speed transmission
Like all vibrators, there's a dial for speed control.
The Japanese-made vibrator's dial was smoother. The speed increased or decreased as I turned the dial.

The China-made vibrator seemed to have 3 separate speeds only instead of multi-speed. Also, its dial would not lock in position. When I turn it to maximum speed and not hold on to the dial, the speed sometimes falls back and decreases so I have to hold on to it to maintain maximum speed.

3. How long it lasts
The Japan-made one lasted a good number of years.
As for the China-made one, one side stopped working after a year.

4. Colour
Yellow, yellow, dirty fellow?
Silver seems too sanitised.

Is anyone going to Japan?

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David said...


It would be interesting to have the Chinese vibrators material tested for contents.

To many product from China have containded Lead, recenctly Cadmium in childrens toys. Toxic materials are hidden danger.

Any such material in a vibrator could be dangerous in the long term.

Good reporting!


Anonymous said...

Hi All,

There's an interesting shop on the ground floor of SIM LIM Square selling sex toys.

What's so interesting?

One of the female staff is a ravishing beauty. Great thing about her is - she can keep a straight face while explaining the intricacies of inserting a vibrator. (1)Talk about bondage - I know she has tried it cos I ask her what is the most important factor before you allow someone to blindfold you & tie you up ??? - - -
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We got on hilariously well. I treat her with much respect as a sales professional who is very proficient in her craft. She treats me as the funny guy who's not shy to reveal any lack of expertise.

But we both agree on ONE important aspect of sex; never buy cheap stuff. Serious R&D goes into fashioning effective products - like David's observation of Lead in China-made vibrators.

If the lady is good enough to have sex with you, she is good enough to deserve the best you can afford - postphone your purchase of the latest CD, invest a better sex product. What's the point of using disposable chopsticks in an Imperial 4 star banquet?
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Cheerios - Leo

Yu-Kym said...

I'll check out that shop one of these days. Hopefully they stock some Japan-made vibrators!

Ryan Boyles said...

Thanks for the review! I was thinking of buying a vibrator from a Singaporean website but now that I know that they ship Chinese deals, I won’t buy from them anymore.

-Ryan| sex toys Philippines