Toilet slave and toilet duty

When I was in primary school, annual use-your-hands campaigns were held to use students as free labour to clean the school. We'd bring old clothes and rags to clean the windows, tables and chairs with. Sometimes we'd even be assigned to wash the toilet. Of course, everybody hated washing the toilet.

Interesting, when we're all grown up, some of us have developed certain fetishes related to toilets, such as shit fetish, liking for golden showers, human toilet bowl and toilet duty.

Perhaps my thoughts around having a toilet slave originate from my need to punish someone for the toilet duty I had to do in primary school.

Here is my idea of a toilet slave doing toilet duty:
What my slave has to do is wait outside the toilet on his knees. He would bow down to me when I walk pass him into the toilet. When I'm done with whatever it is that I'm doing (well, peeing because I'm not into shit fetish), I would keep my panties down and order him to crawl in behind me and use his tongue to clean me up like toilet paper. Once I am satisfied with how clean I am, I would tell him to stop. I put on my panties and I'm done. The job of a toilet slave, however, does not end here. He needs to flush the toilet and scrub it if necessary. It is his responsibility to keep the toilet clean and fresh for my next visit.

I think my primary school principal must have been made to do toilet duty by her husband so she took it out on us, students! And, parents, before you give your children toilet duty, please think of the possible consequences.

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sun said...

Hi, i can volunteer for you 2 have a try. But don know u want or not? The toilet slave need 2 be naked waiting for u? U might be need it when necessary

Joe said...

Hi, i love to lick for u.

Master said...

ahahaha....i bet lots of guys wanna do it for interesting..maybe i can get my slave to do it...not on me, but on her own slaves....

me - slave/dominatrix - slave

~Pink Miu Miu~ said...

This "toilet" duty is interesting...brought me to think from another perspective :)

For a primary sch boy:
- cleaning TOILETs is seemed as a no-choice (bo-bian) duty to fulfill for those "Use Your Hand Campaign" or those Toilet Progs to create awareness blah blah..
- but duties like helping the teacher to carry exercise books are deemed different as either teachers' pet or only class reps can do it..

For an adult asking for employment:-
Local (mostly)- may i know the scope of the job? (if it includes TOILET, then forget it..)
Foreigner- Sure no problem, when can i START???

To some:- what a glamorous job.. flying high up there in miles...
To the rest: just another high-class waitress job, nothing to envy abt and dun forget, they need to clean the TOILETs too.

One has to take pride in his/her job (if it involves toilet maintenance), be it a cleaner, housekeeper or maid. And yes cleaning toilets is part of the work scope but rem you earn a decent living so there's nothing to be shameful of.

Maybe only the cleaners of those working in 5 or 6****** rated toilets would think so.

If you look down on your job or duty, then dun expect others to respect it.

Anonymous said...

is this job still avalable?

javieth said...
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Anonymous said...


You'd love your toilet slave to lick you down there after you pee? With the urine smell and whatever that's yet unwashed? yukkkks!

I wonder if you are prepared to be a similar toilet slave to your man with a similar fetish? Licking his unwashed dick after he urinated?

Or do you have double standards? lol

I'm not only highly visual but just a little odour too in or around my girl's genitalia will put me off sex!

curious cat

Yu-Kym said...

There's a difference between being a master, slave and switch. A master does not serve the slave. And a slave might not enjoy being served.

Anonymous said...

hahaha Yu-Kym,

there you go again avoiding answering a direct question. Even if it's only hypothetical! Where's the "brutally honest" stuff? lol

Implication is that you will never be a slave huhh? Always the Master? Such conceit! lol

curious cat

Yu-Kym said...

I answered your question. It's not that answer that you want to hear. As to whether I will ever be the slave, I answered that question in another post

Anonymous said...

Brutally boring! Excruciatingly evasive! Incredibly frustrating! lol

curious cat

Anonymous said...

Whoever the man will be who becomes her toilet slave, will be one of the luckiest men in the world.

Ahm yes, i am also one of these (white) men desiring to be a slave in any way a dominant Woman, like Yu-Kym, desires.

Anonymous said...

omg thats really sick. but true indeed

Anonymous said...

Yu-Kym loves her slave to lick her genitals clean right after she pees. But she declines doing the same to her man's penis after he pees! That's not only sick, its double standards! lol

silli cat

Maryo said...

Do you think jesus christ would like to see what you do with your toilet slave?
see you in another life... well.. i guess not... since i am going to heaven...

david smith said...

Great blog, I am a genuine slave and believe in the higher power of female superiority.
I must kindly agree with everything you mention.