Have you tried phonography before? If you've never heard of the term phonography, I'm sure you've heard of phone sex - it's the same thing.

I've tried it before out of curiousity. It's basically masturbating at the same time as someone else, describing the details of what you want to do to the person or what you want the person to do to you, talking dirty, and making sounds. It does help me get off (not that I have any problems doing so myself) but I feel the same way about phonography as I do about pornography - it's not interesting enough to keep me cumming back for more. Besides, I won't even know whether the guy at the other end of the line is actually an ogre.

However, I would want to do it with a boyfriend/lover for some variation to our routine because:
- it would give us a chance to verbalize our desires,
- to use our imagination (it's powerful!), and
- to create greater desire for our next session.
If we're living together, then a quickie phone sex when one of us is overseas to say "I miss you so badly that I'm willing to pay roaming charges" would be fun! Hopefully we don't get disconnected halfway!


David said...


Thank you for introducing something new!

Phonography, (if the term survives, as some audiophiles will take offense at your hijacking an audio term) but I digressed, is an interesting way of adding intimacy to a relationship.


Master said...

ooh....i've been having phonography ever since i was introduced to it....certainly beats cybersex....and if a little element of realism is introduced (like telling the partner to actually do something over the line), it'll be even more exciting!

Master said...

sorry..forgot to mention..the blog link is not's my slave's

Anonymous said...

have you ever wanted to talk abt sex dolls?

~Pink Miu Miu~ said...

Interesting term babe, u make P.S. sound so class :P

For singles, phonography seems nothing more than juz a way to get off.

For couples or married ones (esp those in LDR), phonography adds a bit of intimacy into the relationship.

For married couples who engaged in phonography but not with their partners but strangers, then something is wrong in their real-life relationships.

David said...


Great analysis!

You last point is absolutley RIGHT!


Anonymous said...

No Kym, sound won't do for me. Sight is for me, sound? music, loving, sexy music, yes.

Joe said...

my goddess I am waiting to serve u.

Anonymous said...



Please correct your spelling otherwise those people attending shorthand courses will be offended. LOL

~Pink Miu Miu~ said...

Thanks David!

Yes and how true...... so "ignorance is bliss".

Scope said...

This place is still hot with sexy stuffs. LOL~
Phone sex eh?
Sounds pretty pervert to me.

I mean, it's like having sex with air... LOL!!!

Anonymous said...

Long time ago when cyber sex was so called in-vogue, I tried it when i succumbed to temptation. It felt good for the moment. But after an hour, I felt foolish-stupid and kinda embarassed to have indulged in such a meaningless and empty artificial act. I have since not repeat it. Nothing but the real thing for me henceforth.

Yu-Kym has ingeniously coined the term "phonography" to represent "phone sex". Very creative! lol.....I think phone sex is just as absurd and ridiculous as cyber sex.

I shall call phonography and cyber sex a new term: "phonygraphy" for "phony sex"! Because it is what it is "Phony"!

Only the "phoolish" indulge in it. lol

curious cat