I'm a victim of a sex prank

I thought I'm a little too old to be a victim of such a prank.

I received phone calls from male strangers yesterday and today. The guys refused to identify themselves and it was obvious that they were seeking sex.

Here's how 1 conversation went.

Guy: Hello.
Me: Hello.
Guy: Hello.
Me: Yes?
Guy: I got your phone number from my friend. Do you want to meet up?
Me: Who are you?
Guy: You don't know me.
Me: Who is your friend? What's his name?
Guy: I don't know his name.
Me: Then he's not your friend, you don't know him, you don't know me, and I don't know you.
Guy: So do you want to meet up?
Me: For what? I don't know you! Bye!

I disconnected the call. The guy called back in a minute.

Guy: Can I ask you a question?
Me: Ya, what is it?
Guy: Do you want to meet up for... er... to have fun?
Me: No!

I wonder why a guy would be stupid enough to dial a phone number from a "friend" who claims that a gal would meet up with guys "to have fun" unless that "friend" is a pimp, in which case he would be better off finding a woman at Geylang (one of Singapore's red-light districts is located there). Worse still, I showed no interest in meeting him for any reason whatsoever and he still called back??

If I were a guy who knows a gal who meets up with guys "to have fun", I would be keeping her phone number to myself!

I only have one word to describe people who would actually believe and dial the phone numbers provided by some "friend" or written on the door of a toilet: Loser.


De Maitre said...

Post up his phone number here? There are plenty of people on the internet who will gladly harass him...

Anonymous said...

i think your phone number kena written on the HDB block. lol

Anonymous said...

Hi Yu-Kym

Welcome back, hope you had a great time during your break.

It seems that you have been attracting some uncouth attention laterly. A rather inauspicious way to start off a New Year. May your knight in shining armour be around the corner to cut away your string to these unsavory people.

Best Wishes


HeWolf said...

Stupid girl, you have your hp number at the header of your blog!

David said...


You could have ended the first call when the guy admitted he did not know your friends name.

These guys are losers and desperate for sex.

You are wise to avoid them.

If there is a way to find out which of your friends gave your number out, that person owes you a big apology.


Anonymous said...

he wolf is freaky stupid.987654321 is mobile number meh?

HeWolf said...

Ops my bad, didn't notice the detail. :D
Hey at least it shows that I'm not the one harassing YK. :)

Rock Hard said...

More like a wanker to me.
Hearing your voice and jerking off to himself..