If you smell funny down there, go see a doctor

I don't mean funny as in the type that makes you want to laugh... I mean the type that makes you go eeew!

Some guys have told me that their girlfriends or someone whom they had intended to have sex with smell bad down there. Some women refuse to see a doctor because they are scared. If they are scared, all the more they should see a doctor. Shouldn't it be scarier to have something rotting below?

But it's not just the women. There are men too who do not see the doctor when there's obviously an infection. A friend told me that the participated in a circumcision surgery for a man whose dick head was so swollen that the foreskin could not be pulled back. When he was sedated, they managed to pull back the foreskin to reveal a multi-coloured garden. I can understand if women can't see the infection on their own private parts but for men who have their dicks hanging right in front of them, what's their excuse??

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Ewwwww but so true!

David said...


You are absolutley correct about bad smells in the genitals.

For most men a foul smell is a sign of bad hygiene. For women the results can be worse.
Really infections including urinary tract infections can afflict women.

Any bad smell from the genitals needs prompt attention.


Anonymous said...

I hope i dont get an experience like that. It would turn me off pussy for the rest of my life!!!!

Anonymous said...

i have had bad smell in the past due to not cleaning vagina after have sex with bf, and my bf used to give me oral. i have stopped having sex with bf for a short period and start washing vagina every time after have sex with him. Hope this will help to avoid bad smell.

Anonymous said...

How do i see the difference between a vagina which has been penetrated a couple of times or never been penetrated before? im talking about my gf coz she had an ex bf and she didnt allow him to have sex because he was abusive. I do trust her, but she has told me that he raped her b4, but unsuccessful. he didnt manage to get 'in'. So when i saw my gf vagina, im not able to figure out if it has been penetrated b4. I have seen diff vaginas in porn before, some of the lips are like flower, and some of em are like caved in, like a slit..how to see the diff?

Yu-Kym said...

You can't tell whether she's a virgin or not by looking at the lips. You have to look at the vaginal opening. But I don't think you will be able conclude whether she's a virgin just by looking.
See article, Hymen shapes: http://yu-kym.blogspot.com/2010/01/different-hymen-shapes.html
See article, Hymen the mark of virginity? http://yu-kym.blogspot.com/2009/09/hymen-mark-of-virginity.html