Fake female ejaculation/squirting

There are many fake videos and pictures of women squirting during sex. (If you don't know what squirting is, refer to [Female ejaculation])

How to differentiate the real thing from the fake one? Here are 4 points to consider:

1. Where does the fluid come out from?
It should come out from the urethra (it's where pee comes out from) not the vagina. Pictures and videos that show it coming out of the vagina are fake squirting.

2. What does it smell like?
It is either odourless or has a slight urine smell. The slight urine smell is caused by the mixing with residual urine in the urethra.

3. What does it look like?
It's a clear fluid. It is not yellowish.

4. What is the fluid flow like?
The flow of fluid is similar to the flow when pee-ing. If it's like a 1-cm thick gush of fluid that squirts halfway across the room like it's coming out of a water hose, it's fake.

Read about how squirting feels like for me:
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David said...


A question for you.

Have anyone asked you about female ejaculation?

An interesting post.


Rock Hard said...

4. What is the fluid flow like?
The flow of fluid is similar to the flow when pee-ing. If it's like a 1-cm thick gush of fluid that squirts halfway across the room like it's coming out of a water hose, it's fake.

Peeing can squirts halfway across the room too..
So how can that be fake?

Yu-Kym said...

David, ya. Someone claimed that he can tell whether it's real or fake in porn movies but he didn't even know where the fluid should come out from!

Rock Hard, peeing by male can squirt across the room because of the angle of exit but by female I doubt it.

Anonymous said...

i agreed. i can feel that i m peeing when i reach the peak and it's not gushing out like the one in the porm movie.

Satyr said...

Hi Yu-Kym. Good blog.

However, your first point about "squirting" is incorrect.

The gush of "water" doesn't spurt from the urethra. It squits out from what is known as the Skene's Gland.


Also, your 4th point... yes it can gush like a torrential flood. In porn movies, the squirters "force" the liquid out, so it can be propelled quite impressively.

However, some do gush like a broken pipe. How do I know? Cos I have had the pleasure of knowing 3 squirters in recent years. Two of them squirt like you do... but one just bursts!!! She totally baths me and soaks the bed through after our sessions.


Yu-Kym said...

Hi Satyr, it comes out from the urethra - that's the opening. The fluid generated/produced by the gland but the fluid needs to come out from an opening.
4th point, you are referring to volume rather than propulsion.

Satyr said...

Hey girl :)

I mean I've never gone quite so close to see where it actually squirts from... liquid in my eyes you see....haha

However from what I've read, there's a second opening, apart from the urethra, referred to as the periurethral gland (please to to my wikipedia link above). It is from this opening that the delicious elixir of ecstasy spouts.

4th point..not just buckets she squirts, but the force in which she does. Not unlike when you put your thumb on the opening of a hose, the water jets! She didn't trickle or spray, she jetted her warm juices! Sigh... I miss her... :) haha

Yu-Kym said...

#1 A gland is not an opening to the outside of the body. The fluid comes out through the urethra.
#4 it's still like, if you feel very "urgent", you can spray further that type of jet. I get what you mean.

Satyr said...

Guess I'll just have to go "research" more... ah! the sacrifices I have to make ;)

Anyway, just started viewing your blog only today and I like what I've encountered thus far.

You love sex and you like to share your experiences and insights - but you do it objectively and intellectually.

Not like other sex-oriented blogs. Girls there usually use their blogs as vehicles to flaunt their sexuality, show off their sexploits and wanton fantasies... erotic no doubt but it quickly tires and is extremely one-dimensional.

Good on you Yu-Kim :)

Zaharia said...

I've heard that garlic increases ejaculation power and taste.

Is this right?? Don't joke, cus if true, i'd really to work every day smelling bad :P I'd be a natural garlic bunch :P jajaja


Yu-Kym said...

Zaharia, ejaculation power and taste for men or women?

tomysmith said...
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