Ever had the feeling that all the pieces of the puzzle are coming together?

I'm having this feeling right now!

I don't mean everything is going smoothly, but rather the signs* are very clear. Some of these signs are not pleasant at all but they have gotten clearer and clearer - now I see them very clearly without a doubt.

Things didn't "just happen". They happen when opportunity meets preparation. Of course, it takes a leap of faith* to seize the opportunity because all opportunities come with risk. If the risks have been evaluated and I'm mentally prepared to accept the potential downside (loss or opportunity cost), I should just do it. I know that my greatest regret would be in not trying at all.

Now that I am certain of the direction I should be taking, I can stop walking slowly in uncertainty but instead run! (I'll try to be careful to avoid the potholes)

Share your experience!

* figure of speech. Not meant to be religious


David said...


A facinating post!

I trust you will let us know more about this opportunity that you have encountered.

Still, I amazed that you are taking leap of "faith". Simply amazed.


Anonymous said...

Its call seeing the light. Its like having that OMGO feeling! just stay focus, and confidently go forth and claim it, enjoy it, everything is falling in place.

Love your intimate articles! woke up one night by the grip of your 4 by 2 fingers, picture. You look pretty in sunnys in your Cambodian trip. Greetings.

Rock Hard said...

To follow your dream takes courage.
Hanging around with your present state, dragging your feet and feeling emotional stress is not the way to live.
Like the saying goes.
If you dun try it, how do you know you can't make it?