Erotic asphyxiation

Erotic asphyxiation (as-fik-see-a-shen) is the practice of intentionally cutting off oxygen to the brain to heighten sexual arousal and orgasms. Other terms: asphyxiophilia, autoerotic asphyxia, or breath control play. People who practice this are known as gaspers.

How did the idea of erotic asphyxiation come about?
It seems men who were executed by hanging would have erections, and occasionally ejaculated when being hanged. (I've never witnessed a hanging but this is what people say). This resulted in the use of suffocation for treatment of erectile dysfunction in the old days. But I don't know whether this really was how erotic asphyxiation came about. It's possible for others to have figured it out themselves.

Do I think it works?
Yes. I don't know whether you are aware of your own breathing during masturbation and sex. Breath control makes a difference. Breath control is one of the methods taught to people who seek help for being unable to reach orgasms.

How is it done?
Erotic asphyxiation can be done during masturbation or sex using strangulation, hanging, use of plastic bags, gas and strangulation devices.

Can people die from it?
Yes. Accidents happen. Or perhaps one party requested to be killed that way.

Who died from erotic asphyxiation?
In 2009, actor David Carradine, was found curled up inside a closet with one end of a shoelace tied around his penis and the other end fastened around his neck.
In 1936, a Japanese woman Sada Abe killed her lover, Kichizo Ishida, through erotic asphyxiation, proceeding to cut off his testicles and carry them in her handbag for a number of days.

Is this a good way to die?
I think it's rather embarrassing to be found dead like that! Play at your own risk!


David said...


An interesting post.
The point you left out is whether you have used erotic asphyxiation to enhance your experience.

Have you?


Anonymous said...

I don't get it. Are you saying that one can arrive in heaven with and orgasm? Interesting... but weird.

Yu-Kym said...

Breath control certainly makes a differnce.

Having an erection and ejaculating during hanging - I don't think the guy had an orgasm but because the blood is not going to the brain so it's forced downwards into the penis causing an erection and the ejaculation is caused by the pressure.

Anonymous said...

What is the point of doing this during sex? and can women do this as well?