Different hymen shapes

Hymens vary in shape, size, thickness and elasticity. The common and normal types of hymen allow menstrual blood and vaginal fluids to flow out, and for insertion of a small object like a tampon. In rare cases, the hymen might have a tiny or no opening, or girls can be born without any hymen.

A) Common hymen shapes
The common shapes are the annular and crescentic hymen.

Annular hymen: perfect circular shape

Crescentic hymen: half-moon shape above or below the vaginal opening

B) Rare hymen shapes
These are some rare hymen shapes. If you want to see more, click on the links to the sources below.

Imperforate hymen: No opening
One in two thousand girls are born with an imperforate hymen (with no hole in it). Surgery will be done to create a hole in the hymen. (this doesn't require a picture)

Microperforate hymen: Very small opening

Septate hymen: Rare form of a hymen with tissue that acts as a bridge across the vaginal opening

Labial hymen: rare hymen that looks like a third set of vulvar lips.

Cribriform hymen: Many small holes. Bodily fluids can exit the body but sexual activity or insertion of a tampon may be a problem.


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I didn't have a hole in mine :( It was flipping pain full too when my period started.
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When they finally found out the problem, and cut the hole, I worked out that over a years worth of period blood had built up and was pressing on it. That's why it hurt so much!!!!!!!

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Great illustrations! now i have an idea on how hymen really looks like. thanks to this