Cyber beggars and scammers

Have you encountered people who tried to borrow money from you online?

My friend corresponded by email with a man from the US. After exchanging a few emails, the man claimed to be in love with her. He soon made plans to come to Singapore to meet her so she provided him with her phone number. On the day when he was supposed to fly off, she received a phone call from him. He claimed to have gotten into an accident and was in hospital. He gave some reasons for not having access to his own money at the moments and asked whether she could transfer funds to his bank account. He promised to repay her within three days. She knew it was a scam but she still asked him to provide his bank account details (she wanted to go to the police). The man followed up with her and kept asking whether she had sent the money. She told him that she had sent the money (she didn't) and acted confused why he had not received it.

Another friend got to know a gal through Facebook. He had never met her before and had only seen her pictures. He thought she was on the fat side and not pretty at all. One day, she asked him whether he could help her. She told him that her handphone bill was $500 and the phone company was demanding payment. She urgently had to pay the bill otherwise the phone company terminate her line. She said she had raised $200 and just needed another $300 which she would pay back as soon as she had the money. My friend said he didn't have the money to give her a loan. A week later, he saw her post an announcement in Facebook that she had bought a flashy new handphone. So she must have successfully gotten some guy out there to "loan" her money for her "handphone bill"!

Cyber beggars and scammers use these tactics to make people part with their money:
- Play on the victims' emotions, e.g. acting as if they're in love or they're your best friend,
- Create stories about some disaster, e.g. being warded in the hospital
- Create a sense of urgency (e.g. they need the money *today*) to pressure you into making a decision immediately,
- Gratefulness and a promise to pay back very soon.
Don't fall for their tricks.


Anonymous said...

happenned to be in contact with this sort of scammers too....

~Pink Miu Miu~ said...

How can this type of people live with their conscience, really?

Yu-Kym said...

Anon, how did they try to scam you?

~Pink Miu Miu~, even some doctors do unethical things nowadays :(