Armpit fetish

I'm very amused by this one: licking armpit sweat, smelling armpits, hairy armpits, clean armpit, looking at pictures of armpits. There are many website featuring armpits to satisfy those with armpit fetish.

In 2008, a Singaporean man with armpit fetish got sentenced to 14 years jail and 18 strokes of the cane for "attacking" his victims in lifts. He had a fixation for touching or smelling women, particularly their armpits, and was convicted for molesting 23 women. [Read report here]

I don't have armpit fetish but I won't mind a guy having a fetish for mine. Why?

Do you know that the nipple and armpit nerves are connected?
This is why some women who go for breast implants that are inserted through an incision in the armpit sometimes lose sensation in their nipples.
Because the nipple and armpit nerves are connected, if a guy licks my armpit, it can feel as good as having my nipple licked. And one great thing about the armpit is it doesn't get sore from licking.

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David said...


Very interesting knowledge you are sharing here.

Maybe is just me, but I cannot bring myself to find motivation to lick my wifes armpits.

The nipples OTOH are sure to pleasure her.

Will you let your readers know if you find a willing and nice armpit licker, and give your best description of armpit vs. nipple sensations?



Yu-Kym said...

Maybe the best time to do it is in or after a shower.
I have had my armpit licked before but I can't remember exactly what the difference was. Will let you know when I try it again!

Garrett said...

Armpits are often over-looked as ero-zones, but they are amongst the sexiest part of the female anatomy (smooth-shaven, please!).
But you DO have rather nice pits, YK...

Yu-Kym said...

Garrett, thanks for confirming that there are guys with armpit fetish!

Garrett said...


Jeryc said...

And girls thought I was nuts for wanting to lick and smell their pits...

Yu-Kym said...

Jeryc, I guess many girls do not know much about fetish. Most would think submissive men in bed are weird too.