Which is the best-selling lingerie colour for Christmas?

Yesterday I did what I never thought I would do - I asked my gal friend to go lingerie shopping with me. And why should I be surprised that the sales assistant repeated my bra size rather loudly. I had a 50% discount coupon from La Senza which I have to use this month. I figured it was a pretty good deal and planned to buy enough to last me the entire 2010.

I picked out 10 designs to try. I would usually try on the bras for their cutting/design first, so I would just pick out any colour in that design that comes in my size to save the sales assistant the trouble of looking for 10 bras when I'm not going to buy all of those. I selected 5 to purchase but unfortunately, not all came in the right size and colours which I wanted. I think women who wear the more common bra sizes would often have this problem.

I decided to check out another outlet today instead. I encountered the same problem there. The sales assistant tried calling the other 2 outlets but they didn't have what I wanted either. I only managed to buy 3 bras: 1 purple, 1 white, 1 nude. Hardly enough for the whole year :(

Purple was easily available. I hesitated to buy the purple one initially because it's hard find panties/g-strings of that colour but the shade of purple and design were very pretty so I couldn't resist buying it.

White, nude, and pink shades were a little more difficult to obtain. Some were available at one outlet but not at the other 2 outlets.

The sexier-looking designed in black was impossible to obtain. Only the plain black designs were available. I read somewhere that when men buy lingerie for their partner they would usually buy black ones. Maybe that explains why the sexier-looking black ones have limited sizes left?

I didn't consider the red bras because I didn't find the designs available at the moment attractive. When buying red-coloured bras, usually any size would be readily available. Some of my gal friends are surprised to know that I buy red bras. I'm more surprised that they don't. From my experience, guys usually display a stronger reaction when they see red than any other colour.


Anonymous said...

still waiting for part 2

Part of the climax is the wait. The build-up and the anticipation is the point. Relax. Consider it foreplay and hold your breath. Regular transmission will resume after this brief intermission.

Anonymous said...

merry x'mas n happy holiday to you dear

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see you in those new lingeries :)


Yu-Kym said...

Thanks and happy holidays!