What is the greatest gift?

Christians believe that Jesus came at Christmas to give the greatest gift of love. I think the greatest gift is the gift of time.?

Why do I think that the greatest gift isn't love? You cannot give love without giving time. If a person gives up his life for another person, he is actually giving up the remaining time which he could have had to live. Also, we cannot claim that we love someone if we did not spend any time with the person or doing something for him/her.

Everything that we value - love, money, peace, happiness, respect, confidence - involves time. We need to put in time to build and cultivate them, and only time will tell whether what we think we have is real and lasting.

So the great news is, even if we didn't receive any gifts from loved ones or from the office gift exchange, all of us receive this gift of time each day that we live. Nobody can steal this gift from us, but it is hours (intentional typo error) to use for ourselves or give to others to create more gifts (like love and happiness).

Thanks for giving me the gift of your time whenever you read my blog!


Anonymous said...

Hi Yu-Kym

Thanks for giving us the gift of your time to blog daily.


David said...


Sighing while reading this post.
The gift of Time is the greatest gift? ? ?

Not that I would want to call you a grinch!

As a Christian, I believe in Jesus and all the gifts our Lord has given His children.

Time itself is part of creation. So time is also a gift. But not the greatest. One can give time as a gift. One can choose to use time to share with another. One can risk the time to grow a relationship.

Take the risk that come with loving.

Being alone, having time on ones hands, wishing and wondering what to do the next minute, next hour, and longing to hear a friendly voice, the touch of anothers hand, the tenderness of anothers kiss, whether from a loving child, my spouse or a niece or other relative.

I was alone an independent for many years before meeting the women I in time loved and married. Time is a gift, but it goes one with us and without us. It cannot care, has no emotion.

I wish I was wiser and could leave you with hope.

I will leave with the wish for happiness in what ever form you seek to find happiness.

I know you do not believe in God, but at Christian I know and believe that He is looking out for you more than ever.

You are stray and alone in the night, in need of shelter, warmth, a caring gentle touch and love.

All that is still there just for you!


Yu-Kym said...

Hayek, thanks for reading!

David, love and all you believe in as a Christian may have made people like you happy but they have also made many people feel "stray and alone in the night, in need of shelter, warmth, a caring gentle touch and love" when there is no need to feel that way. Love as you have experienced is not a gift that everyone will receive in their lives and may also not be something that everyone seeks. The 1 thing in life that everyone equally receives is Time, the other thing that everyone will surely receive is Death.

David said...


Time is a given. It can be neither given nor manipulated. How much time is alotted to each person?

I suppose not everyone seeks love, nor caring relationships. I would appreciate a few posts explaining how you understand such a life style or choice.

I do know some people seek solitary existances, but I believe this is not the same as you describe.

Surely you realize the foundation of all societies is based on the successful family unit. The family unit in most societies is built upon a loving and sharing marriage.

Happy New Year!


Love is a concept invented by men to lull women into sleeping with them.

Yu-Kym said...

David, in my opinion, you are taking your greatest gift for granted when you say time is a given.

"Surely you realize the foundation of all societies is based on the successful family unit." Societies have functioned without family units. How successful are our present-day societies? It's subjective. The family unit gives some sort of order to society that makes people easy to control.

As is religion.

Yu-Kym said...

yup, religion also gives some sort of order so that people can be controlled.

Easier to steer a group of folks with a common denominator than one person at a time. Economy of effort. heh heh. Ok, better not dwell into this too much or some of your regular readers won't be able to keep up.

David said...


Such a cynic!

What substitute do you recommend?

Without some order, there would be no development, no knowledge. Would you prefer living as a hunger gatherer?

Love is more than a concept, and something beyond any man's ability to invent.

Without some order anarchy is all that remains.

For the most part today's societies take better care of most individuals. Life spans are longer, and with the billions of us sharing this globe there is far more goodness and kindness occuring than the opposite.

Please have happy new year in spite of your poor outlook on life!


Not against order in any shape or form David. Happy New Year to you man. Cheerio!

On the other hand, some anarchy is good for the system. If the proverbial Adam and Eve had not taken that proverbial forbidden fruit, we'd still still be chimpanzees in that fabled Garden of Eden.