What bag would you use to carry $100k?

I think most people would carry SGD100,000 in a locked brief case. Personally, I would be terrified to carry that much cash! My mother would always remind me not to lose whatever little money she gives me for buying anything. (Ya, ya, blame it on my mother)

I was at the bank today to perform an over-the-counter transaction. The bank staff who was attending to me said she had never done that transaction before and had to ask her colleague about it so I was left waiting at the counter for a while.

At the counter beside mine a customer, a lady from China who was casually dressed and carrying a Sheng Siong plastic bag, was asking questions in Mandarin for a few minutes. I was wondering what kind of transaction would require such a long string of questions when she lifted her plastic bag and removed a stack of $1,000 notes! The money was counted and bundled up. I saw what looked like 9 or 10 bundles of 10's. OMG, she was carrying SGD100,000 in a Sheng Siong plastic bag!

The bank staff who was attending to me returned and started performing the transaction. She made a mistake and apologised profusely for it. It wasn't anything that couldn't be rectified so I was not upset at all. I wouldn't want to kick up a fuss over it considering the diminutive size of my transaction compared to the China lady's.

For those of you who are not familiar with Sheng Siong, it's a supermarket chain that sells groceries, fresh vegetables/meat and household products. Some of the branches are not very pleasant to shop in, i.e. cramped, a little smelly at the fresh food section, many "aunties" and foreign workers shop there, and people shop there because most of the items are sold cheaper there compared to other supermarkets. There was this guy who told me that he only shops at Cold Storage and NTUC Finest (these are the upmarket supermarkets). He thinks Sheng Siong's source of groceries are not reliable, they sell expired goods and he doesn't like shopping where the foreign workers shop. Of course he's wrong: I've never had a problem with the groceries or expired goods there, the turnover of goods there is alot higher than other supermarkets, the cashiers are twice as fast, rich people like that China lady and smart people like me :P shop there.

I would gladly swap my NTUC Finest plastic bag for the Sheng Siong plastic bag which that lady was carrying to the bank anytime! And that should help me overcome my fear of carrying so much cash!!


~Pink Miu Miu~ said...

Wow a close encounter with $100K :) mm i would use the red color ones coz it camouflage better haha

Yu-Kym said...

Can use the black coloured bags that people use for pirated DVDs also :P

~Pink Miu Miu~ said...

haha yeah :)