The Singaporean 5 C's now replaced by 5 S'

Five to ten years ago, the concept of the Singaporean 5 C's was familiar to all. Now I think the younger generation might not have even have heard of it and the rest of us have long forgotten what the 5 C's stand for. Let me refresh your memory:
1. Car
2. Condominium
3. Credit Card
4. Country club membership
5. Career
(some say that the last C is for cash)
These were the 5 C's that represented a person's success. Everyone chased the dream of having the 5 C's. After a while, the fad died down because:
- some people realised that the 5 C's were unattainable so they gave up and called everyone else materialistic, and
- it became easier for people to get the 5 C's: prices of cars, condos, country club memberships went down, the minimum income level to qualify for a credit card got reduced (and you can get gold debit cards too), and more jobs in global or multi-national companies were created so it was easy to have a "career" in a big company.

With the 5 C's taken care of, now we have the 5 S':
1. Sex
2. Sensation
3. Scandals
4. Sports
5. Speed

1. Sex
"Sex education" is "taught" in schools, we see sex on TV more often than before, sex is even mentioned in church. In fact, I got infamous because of one of my blog posts about sex. It's not enough to have high IQ or EQ - you should have a high SQ (sex quotient) too. It's unthinkable (in my opinion) for guys still to be virgins when they are old and nobody wants to be thought of as bad in bed. Men and women should look sexy. Sexiness and sexual competence give confidence to people.

2. Sensation
Other than pleasures of the sexual type, we are also obsessed with other types of physical pleasures such as food, fashion, music, vacations and lifestyle. We live to satisfy our 5 senses.

3. Scandals
Everybody loves scandals. Everybody wants to know all about Tiger Wood's scandalous affairs although you may have a scandal next door (swinging couple parties) or in your very own home (is your spouse cheating on you?).

4. Sports
I'm referring to both real sports and TV sports. Real sports being the ones which you lift your ass to do and the TV sports being the ones that only require you to sit on your ass and lift your hand to reach for the beer or potato chips. If you participate in sports such as marathons, it's something to talk/brag about. If you support some sports team like Man-U, you can spend the whole day talking about it to another fan.

5. Speed
You got to be fast (at rushing for seats on the MRT train too). We want everything done fast. Sometimes people use the word "efficient" without knowing what they're talking about. People expect you to reply to emails and SMS instantly. Many people, especially at work, try to be fast but without thinking they end up being very ineffective and inefficient. But who cares? Just do it quick and dirty! The pace of life in Singapore is very different from Thailand and Malaysia in general. When I stop someone to ask for directions, people in Thailand and Malaysia have always been helpful to me even if they seem to be in the middle of something or rushing off somewhere. In Singapore, there are not many people who would stop and help someone who is alone and looks sick.

Like many Singaporeans, I am influenced by the 5 S' too. I need to remind myself to stop and think every now and then.


~Pink Miu Miu~ said...

Mm...interesting 5S's and also, pt 1-3 come naturally when u have 4or5C's ..that's liFe.

And speed is prob something we cant help it inour society but i wld stil stop and ask if some1 nits help.. and after which i wld speed overtake me :P

Anonymous said...

very good thinking....that is what is all about in singapore

Yu-Kym said...

Miu Miu, but if you walk too fast, people dare not even stop you to ask for help. And rarely in Singapore will you have people asking "Do you need help?" or "Can I help you?" (other than in shops when you really Don't need help).