Plastic surgery creates unrealistic expectations of women's looks

It's official. Rachel Kum (Miss Singapore-Universe 2009) admitted to having her breasts enlarged. [Is this Rachel Kum before surgery?]

Guys would say, "Who cares whether they're real or fake as long as they look nice and she's happy?"
Gals would say, "You're just jealous of her," or "Why be jealous of someone with fake boobs?"

Some people may think I dislike her or something but, like i mentioned in my previous post [Plastic surgery addiction], I don't. On the contrary, I think she looks very good now. So why did I blog about her and other Miss Singapore-Universe contestants' breasts [see Something wrong with bustline measurements?] and post those photos?

Women (I shall not talk about men) who go for plastic surgery and breast enhancement create unrealistic expectations among men and women. Some of my male friends who have visited Japan say that the Japanese women are all beautiful - more beautiful than Singaporean women. I think we all know why: plastic surgery.

Actresses like Zoe Tay and Fann Wong have had their noses done and Ann Kok allegedly got her breasts enlarged long ago. Plastic surgery is not new in Singapore so why do people here who had gone for plastic surgery refuse to admit it? Actress Felicia Chin cried about being suspected of going for plastic surgery. Blogger Dawn Yang insisted that she did not go for plastic surgery although her before and after pictures look like 2 completely different people. It's great that Rachel Kum admitted to what was obvious.

I can understand the pressure that women face these days when everybody has unrealistic expectations of their weight and how they should look. It's not hard to guess that I've received countless insults about the way I look (body and face).

Many girls and women who had plastic surgery done have a certain "plastic look": tall nose, big eyes, double eyelids, high cheekbones, etc, and after that claim that they look that way naturally because they are "mixed blood". There are girls who go for plastic surgery with their friends and both of them end up looking exactly the same (e.g. Hong Kong models, Janice Man and Angelababy)! Some guys told me that they are tired of look at pictures of Japanese girls because they all look the same, whereas others would say, "If the girls look better after surgery why not?"

Body-wise, I find it amazing how girls who are 10cm taller than me can be 10kg lighter than me and yet have what looks like C or D cup boobs. I suppose it's photoshop and/or breast implants. Do you know the real reason why guys don't care whether women have gotten breast implants? Because those guys will never get to touch them.

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SK said...

Countless insults on the way you look? The world is crazy nowadays...

Anonymous said...

Beaytu Contest getting meaningless, fake does the talking :D

Yu-Kym said...

SK, yup. But I don't think any of them would dare to send me real pictures of themselves.

Anon, should have contests for plastic surgeons - see who is best at turning frogs into princesses.