Is there such a thing as a cheating gene?

Perhaps I look like the type of gal who would cheat on her bf - but I'm not. When I'm in a relationship, somehow all other guys do not look attractive to me. It's like my radar is turned off. I would always end a relationship before dating another guy [Plan B] simply because I won't find any other guy attractive.

I don't think there's any way to identify a cheat just by looking at him/her. Some of them are good looking, some look normal, some look ugly and they can be rich, average or poor.
However, the one thing I'm sure of is: once a cheetah, always a cheetah (cheat-er).
(Cheater is not a word. A person who cheats is not a cheater but a cheat.)

Some guys who cheat would put the blame on their gfs/wives. They would complain that their gfs/wives are not sexually attractive, not interested in sex, or "don't understand them" (yup, don't understand that they are cheats and can't change). Those are only what they use as excuses for cheating. But if his gf/wife looks like this... , what's his excuse??

I think the problem does not lie with the gf/wife. It seems like some guys are "wired" to cheat. I'm not trying to make excuses for them; I am only considering the possibility of the existence of the "cheating gene" just like scientists thought there might be a "fat gene".

I have friends / acquaintances who cheated on their gf/fiancee/wife, and 10 years later after getting caught, after going for counselling, etc etc they are still cheating (of course with different partners now). They will tell me how much their appreciate and even love their wives and they still have sex with their wives BUT they don't know why they can't stop cheating. As mentioned above, there's no way to identify a cheat. You only know it if you caught him or if he or someone tells you. I can't say those guys are "bad" people because they outwardly seem to be no different from the guys who seemingly cheat.

Btw, the woman in the picture is Elin Nordegren, Tiger Woods' wife. What did she have to say about his affairs? She said he would never change.

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David said...


Tiger Woods philandering and adultery so that even the most attractive and sexy women is not enough to stop a man who is determined to cheat. Woods cultivated a wholesome image for years.

For nearly all this time he was unfaithful.

One has to look at the relationship in totality. If there is more lust than love, if love is a factor at all, then the reason so many men stray is a combination of immaturity, being irresponsible and just being jerks.

The is no honor in Woods actions.

Loyalty, love, respect and friendship must be present in a marriage. For that matter even in a long term relationship. FBs are cheap and throwaway relations for men like Woods.

The women are pawns that do not realize it at the time. What role does celebrity play?

Yu-Kym can answer that since you are a celebrity of sorts in SG!


kingkong said...

men whose mind are not govern by any standards which society has define as socially and culturally acceptable will always be seen as cheat. go back to human fundamental in the cavemen days, men are design to screw around and its engraved in the blood to do so. natural human cycle even make pregnant lady looks unattractive so men will look for something new meat. then civilization kicks in and women invented marriage...that change the world to which cheat is define today.

Yu-Kym said...

David, I think it's common for people to want a "piece" of a celebrity. Being a celebrity enhances one's attractiveness, but what happens then after a person loses mass appeal? It's highly likely that the ex-celebrity would be quickly dumped for another celebrity.

kingkong, if that is the case, why did those men get married and promise to be faithful? If men think that they are designed to screw around, they should not boycott marriage.

kingkong said...

part and parcel of the herd mentality..being civilized.

Yu-Kym said...

herd (animal) mentality but being civilised? That's a contradiction.