Is the key to a good-looking ass in your genes or in your jeans?


I've notice that many people (male and female) have very flat butts. It might be because:
- they don't have the "nice ass" gene,
- they don't exercise their butt muscles, and/or
- they wear clothes such as jeans that emphasize or further flattens out their flat butts.

Many people like to wear low-waist jeans. They wear it probably because they think it's fashionable without checking their rear view in the mirror. Perhaps some woman may check it to see whether they look fat but did they consider whether they look flat?

Here are some points to consider when buying jeans:

1. People with flat ass
- Do not wear low-waist jeans with huge, low pockets. This further flattens out the butt. Instead, go for small pockets that sewn higher up and have the bottom of the pockets tilting outwards to create an illusion of a curved butt.
- Having designs on the pocket also creates an illusion of a curvier butt.

2. People with excess fats
- Don't buy jeans that are too tight. Everyone has some excess fats. Just make sure they don't stick out of your jeans. People who have more fats in the tummy should pay close attention to their front view while people who have fats at the back above the waist area should definitely check their rear view in the mirror before buying! If you have too much fats, I suggest wearing jeans with slightly higher waist to conceal the fats unless you're planning on putting your fats on display. (Some people don't care that others think they are fat. I don't enjoy looking at the fats hanging out but there's nothing I can do other than close my eyes).
- Don't wear jeans that are too baggy. It makes you look heavier and sloppy.

3. People who want to look slimmer or curvier
- The choice of colour and print is important. As most people already know, light colours make people look bigger and dark colours make people look smaller.
- There's one thing that I need to say about the washed/faded shades on certain parts of the jeans. If you want to avoid looking fat, do not buy jeans with the denim looking faded/lighter shade on the thigh area and ass area because this draws attention to those areas, making them appear larger. Instead, opt for denim with a single tone.
- Jeans with flared legs will make your hips appear smaller. Skinny jeans are a no-no for people with wide hips - they make your legs to look like chicken drumsticks.

However, if you for some reason want to appear fatter or curvier then do go ahead with the faded look and skinny jeans.

4. People who want to look taller
- Do not fold the bottom edge of your jeans up or wear jeans with cuffs. This makes you look shorter.
- Wear higher-waist jeans to elongate your legs. Low-waist jeans make your legs look shorter.
- Women can wear covered shoes with pointed tips to make them appear taller.

Remember: Always, always check your rear view in the mirror before buying!


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nice round little booty