Is it possible to die from vaginal sex?

A guy with a huge cock told me that he had to be extra careful with me during vaginal sex because if he's too rough he might kill me.

I know this might sound ridiculous - there are women who get raped and didn't even die, so how can it be possible for me to die from consensual sex? If a guy with a small dick told me that, I would have to try very hard to resist laughing in his face. But having had sex with this guy, I found his statement believable so I did some research on this topic.

Very rough sex can cause the vaginal wall to be torn. The force of blood pushing against the weakened or injured walls can cause an aneurysm. (An aneurysm is an abnormal widening or ballooning of a portion of an artery due to weakness in the wall of the blood vessel.) An aneurysm can burst causing internal bleeding, or cause a split in one or more layers of the artery wall resulting in bleeding into and along the layers of the artery walls. Both conditions are often fatal.

A rupture of the walls that separate the vagina and bladder or rectum can also occur from extremely rough sex. The medical name for the condition is fistula (no, it's got nothing to do with fisting). One might not die from this. One can undergo surgery to correct the fistula but if it can't be correct, then the woman might have to spend the rest of her life with a bag attached to contain whatever leaks out...

I shall take guys with big cocks more seriously from now on.

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David said...


I believe the bragging male was seeking to impress you.

As you mentioned women suffering through rape while sore rarely suffer vaginal injury.
Some gang rape victims have suffered more often just from drying out from frequent forced intercourse. Vaginal bleeds along often occur after gang sex.

Tearing the vaginal wall is rare, and often attributed to use of dildos and over agressive use of vibrators.

Fistula as you state do require proper medical care as soon as possible.

An interesting perspective from a female POV.


tt said...

how big is the big u mentioned in this blog?

Yu-Kym said...

David, the thing is, I didn't think what he said was that far-fetched otherwise I would have laughed.

tt, please read

tt said...

what is difference when big and small insert into it? how is the feel? can you describe?