I need to stay focused on my goals

Almost a year ago, I wrote my new year's resolutions, I did a review in Q1 and also wrote about the type of person I want to be and 5 Rules for Happy Living.

Now that I'm doing an evaluation again, I realise that I've been side-tracked. As a reminder to stay focused, I bought myself a handphone pouch with the words "Where is the fish?" Some of you may have read or heard about the book "Who moved my cheese". I relate better to cats so reference to fish is more appropriate (though cats eat more than just fish).

When I bought the pouch, it was attached to a piece of cardboard. It was only when I removed the cardboard that I saw the words behind. Aikes! Broken English!

It's rather hard to avoid buying stuff with broken English printed on it: When I addict to aqueous of time, discover the fish is missing. I managed to decipher the meaning of the phrase, or at least my own interpretation of it: I was too engrossed in pursuing other things and suddenly realised that what's important is no longer there.

I shall attempt to stare at my handphone pouch more often. I would need to define my plans and goals clearly and stay focused on them next year.