Fantasy vs reality

Sexual adventures such as threesomes, women quitting their jobs to become tai tais, women marrying younger men, men marrying trophy wives, people getting rich overnight after winning the lottery or during the stock market bull run. Basically stories about a handsome prince savings a peasant girl from her piteous plight, a prince finding his true love, couples living happily ever after, rags to riches.

What we read in the tabloids and what we see on TV fuels our fantasies. If such things can happen to other people, why not us?

But yet when we read stories about people contracting HIV, people being bankrupt after betting borrowed money in the stock market, divorces, suicides, unwanted pregnancies, infertility, infidelity, retrenchments, dying alone, illnesses wiping out people's savings, death from accidents, etc, we'd like to think that such things would never happen to us.

In my fantasy, I have a 6-figure monthly income (SGD, without the decimals) for doing nothing, I have a rich, hunky and handsome toyboy boyfriend who is completely devoted to me and the sex is great, I never grow old, ill, fat or ugly, I have a group of true friends and we openly share all our happiness, sorrows and problems without judgment or jealousy, my family is supportive of me and love me, and some time down the road when I'm ready I have beautiful and intelligent children and sitters to take care of them when I'm off to get a massage or to work out. How lovely... *dreams*

Time for a reality check! The fantasy is far from reality :( Waking myself up to live in the cold, hard reality is still better than living in a dream only to be rudely awakened by something or someone someday.