Do people who exercise have higher sex drives?

In this article, the writer states that studies done on men in the military show that sports enhance sex drive whereas intellectual activities reduces sex drive. Exercising 3 times a week is recommended. However, over-exercising causes exhaustion and so sex drive is reduced, except for young men between 18 to 20 years of age where strenuous exercise increases their sex drive. This explains why NS guys tend to be feel horny all the time!

For women, it seems that one of the causes of low sex drive is lack of confidence in their appearances so exercising would help them to look better and feel better about themselves, therefore improve their interest in sex. Exercising also increases the level of testosterone in the body (yes, women have testosterone too). This hormone regulates sexual urge. Women who think they might have loose vaginas can do Kegel exercises (in my opinion, all women who have sex or plan on having sex should do Kegel exercises). So if a woman has been doing her physical and Kegel exercises, it shouldn't be surprising that she would have a higher sex drive than a woman who doesn't.

I suppose this is why I ask guys what exercises or sports they do and how often - too much physical activity is not good unless they are 18 to 20 years old :P


Scope said...

LOL~ What should I say?

Anonymous said...

Im 17 going on 18 and i exercise twice a week, how bout that :P