Condoms: whose responsibility is it to buy and bring it?

It's more common for couples to use the male condom rather than the female condom so I shall talk about that. Should the man or the woman be responsible for buying and bringing condoms?

Buying it
Just because the condom is worn by the man, most people (at least in Singapore) assume that it's the man's responsibility to buy and pay for it.

Generally, people are still rather conservative. Many are embarrassed to buy condoms or be seen carrying some. People would usually be discreet about buying them. Some would buy them over the Internet or buy a huge box to avoid being seen buying it too often. Women here tend to be more shy about buying condoms so they usually leave it to the guy.

I have no issues with buying or paying for condoms and I have done it before. But it's not hard at all to get a guy to do it. I haven't met any guy who wouldn't automatically assume that it's his responsibility to buy it. I had sent a guy on a half hour hunt to buy condoms and he didn't complain.

Bringing it
I thought all guys were taught to always bring condoms with them wherever they go. I suppose they just don't do what they were taught to do.

Gals were never formally taught much about condoms (we were taught that sex before marriage and extra-marital affairs are for sluts) let alone taught to carry condoms.

I don't think it's necessary to carry condoms all the time but when you're going on a hot date, I see no reason why guys/gals shouldn't carry at least one. Perhaps bringing one implies that the person came with the intention of having sex. Who cares about intention when you are in the middle of the deed? It's better to be safe than sorry.

I don't mind bringing condoms with me. There was this guy who bought a box of 3. We used 1, he left 1 with me and kept 1. The next time we met, I bought the 1 with me to the hotel. I asked him whether he brought 1 but he said he didn't because he threw it somewhere and couldn't find it. I was thinking, what a liar, he must have used it with some other gal and can't come up with a better reason. I asked where he threw it and he answered in the boot of his car. After we were done, I asked him to show me the condom which he threw in the boot of his car. Surprisingly, he dug out 1 (of the same brand and flavour) from his bag. He said he was hurt that I wanted to check it (he was just trying to make me feel bad - we weren't in a serious relationship). Anyway, just because he had 1 of the same brand and flavour in his bag doesn't mean he didn't have sex with another gal. I'm not saying he he did; but it's not impossible. Moral of the story: Remember which brand/type you were keeping for the respective partners.

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Anonymous said...

New to your blog. Met you at the blogger's event. I'm not a blogger btw, didn't get to say hello too. The point of the photo with you and the pink shorts and the coffee mug was the cameltoe wasn't it? Don't know how everyone else missed that. Comment isn't relevant to this post, but what the hell. Cheers!

Yu-Kym said...

Welcome to my blog! Too bad I didn't get to meet you in person. I went alone and would have appreciated the company :) The point of it was the coffee (see blog post The cameltoe was accidental *oops*

dark snow said...

when everyone thinks condom is normal, then no one would care if anyone carrying it along..until then, the gal will think the guy only wanted sex, and vice versa when the gal is the one carrying..

previously sexed partners excluded of course..

Anonymous said...

I think all your blog entries are fake. That's how it made your blog famous. Sad.

Yu-Kym said...

anon, just because you don't believe it doesn't mean it's untrue. Conversely, if everyone believes it does not necessarily mean it's true.

Anonymous said...

wow you are having sex with someone that is not serious relationship?

Anonymous said...

Just like me, Yu-Kym is a cynic and pragmatist! Yes, we do give the benefit of the doubt in some cases where the circumstances or certain evidence point to a certain result but unless we witness with our own eyes or are presented with irrevocable or factually substantiated evidence, we will never be 100% convinced. At most we will admit..hmmmmm....ok lah...looks truthful....i will go along but.....

Lots of times it has to do with just using common sense and logic to arrive at a decision to believe wholeheartedly or not to!

So u guys out there, you think Yu-Kym can be conned? Think again! Likely she will make mincemeat out of you. lol

True Yu-Kym? or do you think im wrong about you the realist? hehe

curious cat

Anonymous said...

One of the problems with not having a ready condom with you on a hot date is that u break the momentum of desire when u both cant wait to tear into each other's lust. It may not spoil the tryst but it certainly distract from the continuing and escalating excitement of the moment when u disrupt everything to go find one.

So during the good old days when i was dating someone new, i usually have condoms readily available.

The problem was ...and it usually comes fm smart girls..they invariably will remark.."So u kinda expect that I will have sex with you tonite huh?

How do u answer that?

The first time I was hit by that "unexpected" question I recollect I replied in an instant "I did not presume on you anything...i have it with me because it is simply wise to do so!" You must say it with a straight face and with all honesty and sincerity even though you may already have the intention to romance and woo her into a nite of passionate love.

Phew! A wrong answer then would have spoilt the mood.

Obviously, the girls are happy everytime.

So Men (and Women too) do lie. It's a matter of white or black lies.

curious cat

Yu-Kym said...

cynic, not really. pragmatist, maybe.
About bringing condoms, it's a damned if you do, damned if you don't situation. Women also get caught in that situation.

Anonymous said...

Ya cynic's too hard on us. Realist! We are twins! keke

Condoms Kinda like catch 22?

curious cat