Christmas is bad for the environment

On my way to dinner I stopped by a nursery. There were many Christmas trees on sale. Some were already packed to be delivered. In Singapore, it's common to have fake Christmas trees. I didn't realise that people here would bother to lug home real trees.

I was surprised to find this label on a tree stating that buying a real tree helps the environment. Perhaps buying a real tree beats buying a fake plastic tree but I think the best way to save the environment is simply not to buy any!

Think about all the wrapping paper used for Christmas presents. Usually people would throw the torn wrapping paper away into the dustbin instead of the recycling them. Then there are also the paper and plastic bags provided by department stores to allow you to carry your purchases home, the receipts printed on paper, the fuel/petrol from driving cars to and fro and through the jams, and the electricity for the Christmas lighting.

It's kind of ironic to be killing mother earth in order to celebrate Christmas!

Here are some suggestions:
- Re-use your plastic Christmas tree and decorations instead of buying new ones each year,
- Bring your own bags for shopping,
- Recycle used wrapping paper,
- Use energy-efficient lighting,
- Park your car outside the congested zone to avoid sitting in the jam with your engine running.


David said...


Treading close to being the Grinch!

Christmas tree farms employ many people.
Tree farms have been proven to be more enviromentaly friendly than fake trees.

Please do not be so hasty and on the verge of being an enviro-weenie that you spoil the Christmas season for many.

The recent climategate scandal shows that much manipulation of climate data, and purposefully leaaving out selected data that does not conform to global climate change ideas has occured.

The Earth is not in danger that may climate alarmist claim.

Enjoy the weekend!


Yu-Kym said...

Maybe I should go watch that animated movie The Grith to try to identify with him!

But I don't think people should blame others for affecting the way they feel.

As for the climate and environment, I would think it's safer to err on the safe side. There's alot that we don't know. But, well, I don't have children so maybe I don't need to care about the future generation? :P