1st year blog anniversary

Today marks the 1st anniversary of my blog. I would like to share with you my reasons for blogging and highlight some of my favourite posts.

Evolution of why do I blog
Initially, I set up a blog to keep a record of my travel experience. My first post was about my trip to Malaysia. [Pengerang: 26-27 Dec 2008 Cycling]

After that I thought since everyone likes to blog about what they do daily, I'd give that a try too. After a week, I got bored writing about the things that I do in my daily life.

I frequently discuss sex-related topics with my friends online. I realised that many people have misconceptions about sex and women's attitudes towards sex. Our attitudes towards life and relationships tend to be influenced by society, religion and the government. I feel that the misconceptions and misguided attitudes can cause unhappiness to oneself and to others. I acknowledge that I am influenced more than I think I am. Writing helps me to organise my thoughts and views, and to question why we think the way we think of behave the way we do. I hope that my blog can be a source of reliable and truthful information and also one that encourages people to think beyond what is "obvious".

How often do I write?
One year ago I said to my friend that I was planning to write one post per day. He remarked that it would be really cool to have 365 posts in a year! I have about 366 so far. I'm happy with myself for coming up with a topic per day. I have not run out of ideas (yet). I still have a long list of topics to write about.

Reports in the media
These posts were discussed in the Singapore and Malaysia media:
Want more sex?
Something wrong with bustline measurements?

Here are the links and scanned articles:
The Star - 13 Aug
Asiaone - 13 Aug
Lianhe Wanbao - 11 Aug
Sin Chew Daily - 11 Aug
Shin Min Daily - 25 Jul
Sin Chew Daily - 25 Jul
Lianhe Wanbao - 30 Jun
Guangming Daily - 30 Jun
Sin Chew Daily - 30 Jun
Scanned articles

Finalist in the Singapore Blog Awards

Top 3 most voted for Most Insightful Blog but I did not win :(

Greatest influence in the past year

The purpose of life

Most flamed post

Sanctified = Sanitised?

Most Googled

GI Joe: The rise of bustline

Selected highly commented posts

I have many readers but most of them are silent... except when it comes to these posts.

The taste of semen

Does size matter? - Part 1

Penile Curvature

Curved penis: blessing or curse?

Female superiority and domination

Why I'd rather use my vibrator

Benefits of masturbating

Vaginal looseness

This is fact, not fiction

Female ejaculation

Sad but true

Desirability pyramid for men and women

Picture I didn't check before posting

Would you like to come in for some coffee?


My 3 levels of orgasm intensities

6 Reasons why I enjoy giving oral sex

Thank you for your support in the past year! I hope you will continue to read my blog :)


David said...


Congratulations on your first anniversary blogging!

You should be commended for your courage, daring and fearless from not shying away from controversey!

I trust year two will show growth in your ability to consider all POVs.

Please do not reduce your blogs to that of a blatherskite.

Have a Happy and successful New Year!


The past, with its pleasures, its rewards, its foolishness, its punishments, is there for each of us forever, and it should be.

-- Lillian Hellman

Yu-Kym said...

Thanks David! :

Anonymous said...

I read the above and its interesting! You have a natural knack for witty writing. And there must have been a good deal of reading and research too.

I can see a wealth of blogs that can be compiled into several major subject matter.

But if you truly want to live up to your "bold, provocative, brutally honest" caption, and bloggings that sells.....what will set your blogs apart from others and attract good readership are also meatier postings of your own personal experiences. Up to a certain point of course but as bold as you can allow. Everybody's a voyeur to a great degree.

To me bloggings are essentially personals upfront!

curious cat