Singaporeans' love affair with the skies

I'm not sure whether the SIA "Singapore girl" advertisements are to blame. Flight attendants/stewardesses have a special social status even though they are only waitresses. Many Singaporean women dream of being stewardesses. A distant uncle encouraged me to become a stewardesses. It was never my ambition to be one. I worked as a waitress for 2 months during my school holidays when I was 14 . Doing that for 2 months was boring enough. I didn't think I would be able to endure doing that for years!

Guys want to go to pubs that are frequented by stewardesses, guys like to boast that their wives/girlfriends are stewardesses though the most loser statement is, "My ex-girlfriend is a stewardess." (note the emphasis on ex). If I were a stewardesses, guys would think of me as more attractive than I really am - because if SIA thinks I'm attractive, then I must be attractive. But don't forget there are stewardesses who fly with the budget airlines :P

Another thing that guys like to mention is, "I almost became a pilot." (note the emphasis on almost). I can understand that guys want to be pilots because the job pays well while they get to play with toys, i.e. the plane and the stewardesses.

Women seem to be turned on by the idea of the guy being a pilot. Perhaps it's because of the money or maybe they just fantasize about playing with cocks in the cockpit.

The mile high club
This term refers to two people engaging in sexual activity at an altitude of at least a mile above ground level. I admit that it's something that I've thought of doing too [see Things to do before you die].

Travelling for work
Many people are under the impression that anyone who gets to travel for work is fortunate. However, those who do would usually not look at it that way. These are what I dislike about travelling for work:
- I have to fly on my personal time, i.e. in the evenings and on weekends,
- I hate waiting at the airport, waiting for taxi, etc,
- I have difficult sleeping on the plane. They keep turning the lights on and off, there are people scuttling up and down the isle, some people are noisy, if I get unlucky enough to get seated near the toilet I won't be able to get any rest,
- if I fly between time zones I can get jet lagged and I "lose time" (e.g. if I take an overnight flight from India to Singapore, I only get 3 hours of sleep but when I arrive in Singapore it's morning already and I got to go to work),
- I usually have to spend the evenings in the hotel preparing for the next day's work,
- I might lose out when I convert money between currencies,
- it's work not a vacation!

People tend to envy those who are well-travelled or who go on vacations frequently - the further from Singapore the better. Perhaps some people might think I brag about my vacations and the places I've been to. Maybe I do?

Singapore is a small country so it's not surprising for people to enjoy going overseas. Being overseas is also a good reason for not being able to respond to work calls or emails.

Visiting foreign countries is also a good way to broaden our minds. But of course, there are Singaporeans are well-travelled but still narrow minded.

Btw, I will be going to Kuching this Friday :P


David said...


You are being disrespectful of all SIA flight attendants & flight attendants everywhere.

Flight attendants may have waitress type duties, however the training all flight attendants recieve includes use of all flight safety devices.

By international treaties all flight attendants must past operational test of by actually deploying and using the inflatble slides use for rapid ground evacuations, they must know how deploy life rafts for over water flights, along with at least one or two attendants depending on size of aircraft knowing basic first aid and CPR techniques which include use of the automatic electronic defibrllator (AED) for heart victims.

This training is repeated either once each year or every other year.

Attendants also recieve training on how to deal with unruly passengers and terrorist, or at least how to calm passengers in such a crisis.

How many waitresses can do all the above?

BTW, many companies provide Blackberries to employees traveling overseas, thus emails and voice mail follow them around the world. My employer has laptop uses like me provided a VPN connection to the organizations exchange server, thus emails must be answered when I travel on business.

Happy weekend dear young lady!


Yu-Kym said...

David, by saying that flight attendants are more than just waitresses, you are being disrespectful to all waitresses. There is no shame in being called a waitress.

In certain countries and locations like up in the mountains or out at sea phone and Internet access may not be available.

David said...


I agree there is no shame in being a waitress.
But calling or implying that a flight attendant is even just a higher class waitress is not respecting the other aspects most often not seen or known until there is an emergency what the role/job task go with being a flight attendant.


Yu-Kym said...

To the kind lady from Kuching who offered to take me around and left her phone number: Thanks! (I didn't publish your comment because you phone number is there)

Chai said...

ahahaha......I'm an avid reader from Kuching ur here for the weekend break....if it's rest and relaxation u want..then it's ok..else..nothing much to do here...

hope to "bump" into you...

Yu-Kym said...

Hope to bump into you, Chai. Do say hi if you see me!

Chai said...


I just might coz I might be at the airport to see my parents off....wht time is ur flight?

Yu-Kym said...

arriving around noon. see you there if you are there :)